Wednesday, December 22

Christmas In Greenville

Here are just a few things people are saying ofter night one!
Come on out tonight at 7 to experience it for yourself!!!

Laci McCabe Strickland

I had SO much fun last night singing and leading worship at the Christmas in Greenville Service!!! Can't wait to go back tonight and just take it all in. What a great privilege to be a part of four churches joining together as one! If you don't have plans tonight, you do not want to miss this! Seriously!! 7:00pm in the auditorium of Rose High School :)

Nancy Gates Rotthoff

‎"Christmas in Greenville" was awesome and inspiring! A much needed reminder of how to give this time back to the ONE who gave it to us first! If you couldn't be there tonight, you have another opportunity to experience it tomorrow night at 7:00 pm at J.H.Rose High School auditorium in Greenville.

Jason Ebeling

Still can't get over how awesome God is and how humbling it is to be a part of telling Greenville about Him at Christmas in Greenville tonight. I'm gonna have a hard time sleeping.

Kyle Tomahawk Kulickowski

is in absolute awe at what christmas in greenville turned into tonight personaly this was my event that ive leterally seen from begining (a bare stage) to end (and extremly impressive outcome) props to the tech crew you guys pulled it off tonight amazing job by the speakers bought out the reall meaning of christmas... thanks for all that came out and hope to see you+a friend or two tomarro night

CrossPointe Fellowship - Greenville, NC

All I can say right now is WOW, unbelievable service, if you couldn't make it, do everything you can to make it Wed. night. You do not want to miss it, and neither will your friends; so bring them too, ray

Isaiah Carlton

‎(continued) Please come out, it's really worth it. Some of you may say "who wants to go to a boring sermon?" but im here to tell you it's not a boring sermon it's the truth and very energetic! Good luck sleeping on this message!

Isaiah Carlton

You have missed out today! BUT there's also another day! Come to Christmas in Greenville a J.H Rose Auditorium tomorrow at 7 o'clock p.m! Trust me you don't want to miss it! I went tuesday now's your chance to go thursday. (continued)

Paula Conrad Bland

Had a Amazing Time at Christmas In Greenville and taking the time to remember what Christmas is Really about . Also enjoyed watching my 8 yr old stand in the chair and dancing to the music

George W. Davis IV

Thankful for the people who put their hearts into the service tonight. J H Rose 7 PM tomorrow, same Christmas service! Everyone's invited!

Kelly Powierza Garner

Christmas in Greenville church service was really good! another service wed 7p @ Rose HS. you should check it out yourself :)

Debra Winfrey

Being blessed by Christmas In Greenville live right now!

Stacy Hill Succop

‎"Christmas in Greenville" was amazing and just what the Dr ordered for me, well at least the "greatest Physician" who lived that didn't need any credentials behind his name. Wish I could feel this great every day.

Ignite Church Hey Igniters! If you didn't make it out to the Christmas service last night you missed an amazing blessing and I hope you'll come out tonight. If you did come out then I hope you'll come back and bring your friends and family members. The messages will be the same points but I promise new things will be revealed and your heart will be greatly challenged and encouraged! See you all tonight!

Sunday, November 28

For some brave men in my life:

Xwatch software download. Taking the high road is tough but rewarding.

Hey, I am glad you stopped by. Click Here to start the download. This software will not limit where you go on the internet but it will email people you select a list of sites you visit. It is strictly for accountability. If you are not willing to run this, you must ask yourself why. I love you guys and am glad you want something better for yourself.

Wednesday, October 20


Wow, I am feeling really blessed at this time in my life. Especially with our Crosslink youth. They kids are rocking my world. I do believe I am learning more from them than they ever do from me. They just seem to get it! I mean when the majority of people at church early are youth, what is going on? They are not only coming to church but they seem to want to be there and without their parents. When do you get teens choosing to be at church Sunday morning and then coming back for youth that night!

I have to thank "Big Church" for creating an environment that teens can feel welcome and to Jason for preaching to them and not over them.

After that, I must thank my "regulars" who just keep inviting their friends. You guys and gals rock! You are making a difference in your school.

And last but definitely not least, my Wife Sheila who constantly supports me and loves these kids so much. If you have ever experienced this kind of support, you know what I am talking about. I get it constantly! Sheila has served at my side in EVERY ministry I have been in since we got married. She is at my side and in my heart. No matter how crazy my ideas are, she is on board.

THANK YOU ALL! You all have a part in my life.

Only by Jesus saving grace can I even attempt this. He and He alone has filled my cup!

Friday, October 15

How to be unemployed:

Jobless not worthless

One of the major effects of being jobless is the feeling of lack of worth, at least for men it is. We feel responsible to provide for our household and when the lose of a job occurs this is ripped from us. Add to that the constant rejections from companies not hiring us for whatever reason and you have the making for a crushed man.
The rise of unemployment lately and personally knowing a lot of people out of work got me thinking. The Bible has a lot to say about not working. But not a lot to say about getting work. Which leads me to: maybe the work we are encouraged to do, in the Bible, isn't always our paid job? Maybe it's our home responsibilities or even serving each other?
We tend to get our feeling of "worth" from our jobs and I don't think it should be that way. I think we should feel worthy for doing any job (task) well. But I also don't think sitting at home, on your butt, 4 days a week desiring a job is acceptable either. We need to be doing something. Anything but sitting and sulking. You need to feel worth, so you need to do something and a lack of a job isn't a reason to do nothing but an opportunity to do MORE.
So here is my suggestion: even without a job, make an effort to pull a 40 hour week. This way, when you get a job, you will be used to working the hours, you will feel worth, you will be helping others and you will be a contributor to the community. How? I'm glad you asked! I will give you a sample schedule:

7:00am-9:00am (up and dressed! If you look good, you feel good) browse for local job listings. This includes the newspaper, craigslist and local webpages. It helps to make a list of things you actually want to do. But be willing to do anything.
9:00am-10:00am call some of the listings you found. Do not apply over the phone, simple ask them if they are taking applications. (always go in to apply in person). Map out the jobs taking applicants.
10:00am-10:30 take a break, eat a snack, check your hair and praying is never a bad idea.
10:30am-@12:00pm go out and retrieve applications. I would personally never fill one out on location unless they provide for it (kiosk).
12:00pm1:30pm lunch! Why so long? Because job hunting is tough! And you deserve a little break. Plus people are at lunch themselves so they will not be there to give you an application anyway.
1:30pm-3:00pm take your time and fill out application. Be honest, you will feel better about yourself. Never try to make yourself sound good. Your past "should" do that, if not you need to change your future! When you get a job: be valuable! It looks good on future application (be very valuable and you may not need future application!).
3:00pm-5:00pm return applications. Don't press them to talk to you. If you must ask question, ask ones that show curiosity about the company not ones that could pertain to your employment with them. Ask about the company history, vision or purpose. Stuff like that shows interest in them.
Day one is done! Notice I filled up the entire day, no house work or personal stuff because you can't do that stuff in your "work" day so why get used to it now? Do that stuff in your off time just like before you lost your job.

Tuesday is a repeat of Monday. All of it! This is the tough day because most new listings hit on Mondays. The only difference i would suggest is stop into s few places that did NOT put out ads and simply ask them if they are taking applications! Be an early adapter!

7:00am-9:00am look at all of the applications you turned in, you should have a list. On a notepad, on a separate page per company, write down: why you want to work there, why you would be valuable to them, what you think you could offer them (bring to the table) and any other thoughts for that particular job. Remember, jobs are not out there for your needs but the needs of the company's customers. Do not go in there to find out what they can do for you! Pay and benefits will be offered if they hire you, don't push for this info.
9:00am-12:00pm stop into the companies you applied to and inquire that they still have your application and when you could expect to hear back from them. Politeness here is a must, tell them your name, give them a card (business cards are cheap) and ask them their name. Then thank them and leave! Don't push.
12:00pm-1:30pm lunch!
1:30pm-3:00pm here's where we break the mold! Things get uncomfortable and your life really takes a change! Look for non-profits and charity in your local area to serve as a volunteer for Thursday and Friday! For free! For 8 hours a day! Places like soup kitchens and habitats for humanity. Make a list. Be creative in your hunt.
3:00pm-5:00pm call a few of them and find one that will let you work both Tuesday and Friday.
Thursday and Friday 8 hours each)
Go into the charity and bust your butt! Work for them as if you were working for the Lord (because you are). Make yourself one of the most valuable people there for those two days. Trust me, hard work is more rewarding than being a slacker any day.

I know this last part is crazy but at the end of the week I assure you that you will feel your worth! Like you made a difference in the world. Plus when you do get a job interview, how impressive is it going to be to them that you haven't been sitting at home on your tush watching the Price Is Right and sulking in your jobless misery. You will feel great about yourself and when you feel great, it shows. People want to be around happy people. In the end you will have not only made a difference in you community but you will have also changed your mentality and habits.

Or you can just spend the week sitting around being on your lazy butt hoping thAt the perfect high paying job will fall into your lap.

By the way, you don't find high paying jobs, you work regular paying jobs so well that they become high paying jobs! Take any job and do it great and you will move up.

Realistically When you get an interview you may be scheduled to work on your volunteer job. Do not be afraid to tell the potential job that you have a previous obligation. Tell them what it is and that you would rather not let them down. Ask them if the timing could jeopardize your possible employment with them. If they say that it will not, you can reschedule and you just earned their respect as a man who honors your word. When you do get that job, you are ahead of the game with moral seniority. If time does limit your chance of getting a job with them, ask them if you can call them right back, get a direct number name, then call the volunteer job and ask them if they could do without you for a few hours. Your word is your honor. Always protect that.

Don't ask me why this is on my mind, it just is. And yes I do know a jobless man right now who is doing volunteer work!

Thanks for reading my rant.

Monday, October 4

the happenings!

This will be an amazing week! On Wendesday we are headed to Atlanta Ga. to the were we will hear from some of the best speakers about leadership in Gods church. THis will be our 4th year and somehow every year is better than the last. Pray that we learn and apply what we hear there.

The R.O.C.K.

In our Children's Church, we just finished our Amazing Race series and are headed into Assembly Required. This will be a walk through James and I am excited to start the journey with the greatest kids ever! We average about 20 kids and 5 teens to help. At this time Sheila and I are the only adults working directly with the k-6th graders. Our teens are a great help and get the job done but we really want to start look toward and planning for what God is going to do with the R.O.C.K. here at Discovery Church. Stay tuned for updates.


Our youth continue to blow me away. They love Jesus, they share with their friends and they keep inviting classmates to church! This past weekend we got to do the youth message from the stage. We all sat up on stage and had a good time digging into God’s perfect Word. We learned and re-learned a lot about Jesus Christ last night! We are averaging about 32 teens each week. Pray that they will walk the walk so that when they talk the talk, people will listen.

So this week alone I had the chance to share with over 50 kids/teen about God’s perfect love and His son Jesus as a payment for our sins. I know numbers don’t really matter but in the “50 there were 50 “1’s” that got to hear about God! The “1” matters so that makes the 50 matter! I pray for more and I believe for more.

Thats all for now, I love my church and I love my 2 blog readers! You all are awesome!

Saturday, September 11

We drove the car last night!

So after a long day of buttoning up all of the lose ends, Sheila and I took the Toyota for a ride around the block. It runs good so far. Now we need new belts and tires! Tag this baby and we roll!
The original sticker is in the glove box. I am amazed that this car cost $20, 773 just 10 years ago. Seems like a lot. Still, the car was free to us and took about $1000 to get it running. So 1g for a 10 year old car with a brand new engine is fine by me!

Thursday, September 9


I haven't always been blessed with great cars but God has given me some junk ones that taught me how to work on cars. Since we lost the van about a year ago, we have been down to nothing but our 89 GMC truck (which is awesome) that clocks in at about 10 miles per gallon! So traveling is a problem. We have to rent to go any real distance. This brings me to a call a few months back from Aron Rice with a car problem. His 2000 Toyota was knocking...bad! He got to my yard for me to inform him of the necessity of OIL! It was bone dry due to a leak and burning it. So the engine was wasted. After some research he decided that the car wasn’t worth fixing and didn’t meet his families needs. So he gave us the blown up car FREE. Well I proceeded to take it apart and start to rebuild the engine. So far it is looking good and I should have it done THIS week. So Lord willing, we will have a car that is good on gas and runs well so we can travel over 100 miles.

Thanks to a few teens who came over to help so they could learn about cars. So Thanks Alexis, Devin, Kyle and Isaiah for wrenching on my car. YOu all get to be the first to take a ride in it (after Sheila)!

So a free car and a few hundred dollars should equal a decent car and an amazing blessing! Thanks Aron!

Long block on stand
All new parts!

Bolting up the transaxle

Setting the drive train into the car. All thats left is hooking up all the wires & hoses.

An no Im not gonna apologize for not blogging more!

Monday, July 26


Ok, this is my first official work day after camp. I brought back a vicious cold but better me than one of my Link’rz. It didn’t really set in until the last day so it didn’t mess up the experience.

The Teens have huge momentum going and I think every one of them experienced God in their own way. I know I did. I am looking forward to seeing how God will use each one of them in the neat future. I encourage you to ask them what they experienced. God really moved through a simple thing like raising a hand in worship. I have an awesome story of how that simple act came back to Greenville and ministered to a father of one of our teens. Way to go guys!

Last night at Crosslink You Ministry, even though I was sick, God still moved through some awesome worship, a good (and simple) message and of course pizza! I enjoyed seeing Lauren again, who beast some v-ball, and of course our mexican duo: Leo and Omar. You all rock and make Crosslink a place others want to be.

I am praying for a meeting with South Central High School’s new principal. I want to introduce myself and ask her for her one prayer for the 2011 school year at her new school. Then we Link’rz will start praying for that.

Ok, thats enough for now, time to either: take a nap or get some work done....hmmmm?

Thank you for allowing me to serve!

Friday, July 16

Here a week, Gone a week.

For the past few weeks Sheila and I have been in and out of town regularly.
First, as we were trying to plan a relaxing get away, Sheila's grandmother passed away and we headed down to Fl. for a week to be with family. This wasn't as relaxing as a vacation but it was nice to see some friends and family while we were there. I really enjoyed hanging out with my brothers and with Sheila's Family.

Then it was back home for a week.

After that we got invited to join the Thurnau's on their family/anniversary get away to the outter banks. Wow, it was amazing! We have never spent any time outside of church with Karen and Steve so we really had no idea how fun they are. We had a blast with them. I got to take some crazy long walks on the beach (one of which was 6 miles) to just think about God and love Him some.

Now we are back home for a week.

But Monday morning, we head off to camp with the amazing Crosslink teens for a whole week. Again, not a vacation but it will be great. I look forward to spending a whole week in worship with these 20 people. Pray God rocks all of our worlds.

I have enjoyed getting away but I am kinda looking forward to getting back into my routine. I am kinda tired of doing two weeks of work every week to stay ahead.

Wednesday, June 9

The stillness works!

In the middle of what should have been a crazy stressful week, somehow I found some time for a breath and some stillness. I had to preach the sermon, oversee a carwash and dinner on the grounds, all put on by teens, and during all of his I keep (most) of my calm. I give all of the glory to God for what he did Sunday and am amazed that I was able to be a part of it. I love the fact that God uses us. He is more than able to make things happen all on His own but He still chooses to use us to bring glory to Him. And I pray that is exactly what happened. But in all of this, I still set time aside to rest, pray and be still. And I really think that is what God used to get me through it all. So my message to you is: in the mist of the busy chaos, take a break to recognize God, to talk to Him, listen to Him and just be still. God is alive and well and absolutely loves spending time with you. So find a spot, set a time and just be still. It works, believe me.

Tuesday, June 8

yeap, that sums it up!

see who's name is on the pump?

Feeling really blessed!

What can I say? I am still on a "high" from this Sunday were the teens took over church, cooked a dinner for them and washed like 40 cars all by 2:00pm! I am honored to work with such amazing teens and kids. I don't speak in "big church" too often but I get to share God's grace every single week at least two times. If you want to see the message part: hit up our Facebook page at I wasn't overly impressed with my end but the teens rocked y world.

They designed the stage, lighting, helped with the message, put together a band in 3 weeks and even greeted and served all of out visitors. It was truly an amazing weekend. I think that they created an environment where people could truly connect with God, hear His Word, and have faith in His gift of grace.

Thank you to everyone who helped!

Tuesday, May 4

Praying for all my testers

This one goes out and up to all of you college students that are finishing up your finals this week. I pray you can retain and retrieve everything you learned and that you will rock all of your test. Eat well, study hard cause a break is on it's way!

Monday, May 3

Notha amazing weekend!

WOW, I am sore! I spent Saturday in the woods with our teens playing Capture the flag. It was great! I am sure the poison ivy complaints will be rolling in soon! Then on to Church set-up: Were we had a great turn out and got it knocked out in record time. Somehow we got talked into going from there to get some wings.
Sunday started off with a great group of men working on establishing Discovery's eldership.
Children's church was a blast as normal! These kids we work with are amazing. I love each and every one of them! We got to learn about God kindness though a grape relay. Then we all go to go to "big church" to watch the baptisms. To end a perfect weekend we met out teens at 6pm for Crosslink and had a blast! We were blessed with 4 visitors! 3 of which we had previously met. With that many, we just had to order pizza!

If I haven't told you lately: I love my work!

Monday, April 26

Wow, I made it a whole month with out blogging!

Makes me wonder if my heart is really in this or not. I have been keeping up with a lot of people on Facebook lately.
But here is our update:
Sheila and I have been doing really great and have been enjoying the ministries we serve in more and more. The kids and the teens are amazing and we love them all. We seem to have a revived energy and are pushing things to the limit. THe kids seem to take notice since they keep bringing their friends.
We are both longing for a trip to Fl. or at least for some Fl. people to come up here this summer.
Other than that, everything is rolling along. I would say to stay tuned but you know how that is...

Monday, March 15

Great Weekend and Already Excited About This Coming up Weekend!!!

Ok, so things are slowing down just a bit before they really get crazy with Greenville's Largest Easter Egg Hunt in a few weeks. But this past Sunday was great. I love seeing all of Discovery people and their kids. We had a blast reviewing everything we learned over the past 5 weeks. The kids did great and remembered a lot of stuff about cool Bible people like Adam, Moses, Balaam, Samuel and Paul. The room was full of excitement and fun. I especially love my Teen Helpers that make everything happen each week. Then to top off a great day we went to Crosslink youth group and fed them pizza, told them the Gospel and played some games. Just plain cool that this is my job!!!

Now I am looking forward to this coming weekend already! Egg Hunt meeting on Saturday (and I am in charge!) Then Set-up in the evening with the coolest, hardest working church body I have ever seen. On Sunday I can't say too much but I think that there may be some graffiti ("tagging" for you gangsters out there) while we learn about Daniel 5 and God writing on the wall. This kids will have a blast and I will too!

On a personal note: we got our truck running and are working on getting a car fixed. I am excited about having running cars and no payments! Just need some time and for good old N.C. to let go of my tax refund! I should charge them a late fee!!!

Thats all, back to "work" for me now.

Wednesday, March 10

Find the heart in it

Sorry for the long laps in blogs. Not posting regularly is the best way to run off my 3 followers! I "may" try to do better.

So reading through the Old Testament can be challenging especially going through Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. In these books there are a few redundant passages (just a few) and with all of the sacrifices and feast, it is easy to skip or browse through it. But this time around I am taking it slow and really looking for the heart of God in it. I personally believe that it wasn't just a bunch or rules to regulate Israel. I believe that this stuff is there for a reason and the reason often points to God's attributes, or as I am calling it here: God's heart.

Here is an example of what I feel God telling me through a passage in Leviticus 19:9-10
When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. 10 Do not go over your vineyard a second time or pick up the grapes that have fallen. Leave them for the poor and the alien. I am the LORD your God.

Now in case you didn't know, I am not a farmer and have no land or crops, so what could this verse say to me? How can I learn to see God's heart in it? Simple, God is laying down a system to provide for those in need (the poor and alien in this case). God's grace and compassion is showing through this passage. He doesn't say to save it for those who deserve it, He just says to save it. In the case of this passage, I have recently fallen short, not with my fields but with my time. See I filled up every hour and every day with task that needed to be done. There was even a point where I felt pride in how much I was getting done. I looked at my calendar filled with all of the dates and appointments and thought about how organized I was with everything fitting into it's own little time slot.

Well guess what I didn't allot for? The needy, one of which was my wife and the other was some friends who needed some help moving. I reaped to the very edges of my time/calendar and left no room for compassion and grace. So I have made it a point to allow time in my schedule for the needy and the alien (oh and for my wife!). I will try not to fill up my calender and leave room for grace and compassion when it arises. This dose not mean that I will be saying yes to anyone who ask for anything, it just means that I will leave time open to see what God has in store for it. Maybe rest, maybe service, but only the extra time will tell.

That is my rant for now, hopefully I will see you all back here before next month!

Monday, February 15

2010 up and running

Ok this year is already way to packed! We are packing the calendar with a ton of stuff. From sermon series to conferences to summer camp and youth trips. Just looking at the calendar gets overwhelming. I am looking to revive my day of rest and my GTO (God Time Only). I haven't been missing too may GTO's but I have missed all of my days of rest. This will change!

I am looking forward to tomorrow night though: it is Sheila and my date night. We will go out to dinner and just hang out with each other for the evening. Sunday was Valentines day but with all of our church stuff, it wasn't the most romantic day of the year! So we had a wonderful dinner on Friday eve and Tuesday we will do the date.

Church is going well. We are doing a LONG series on listening to/for GOD and asking ourselves "Where Are You?" Children's Church is going through the Bible and talking about all of the different ways God spoke to His people. God gets really creative sometimes in the way He gets our attention.

Our Crosslink Teen ministry is going great! Theses kids have become so much a part of our lives that when one is out, we feel the lose. I love these guys so much and am honored to be a part of their lives. They always push hard to do the right thing.

Well that is a little update for now, I have to go make a few phone calls to some of our Children Church kids.

Wednesday, February 10

ok people, it's not that hard!!!

You guys are killing me! It's a blanket, it isn't hard to use! Get over it. If your feet come out form under it, it isn't the end of the world! People have been mastering blankets for thousands of years and now all of a sudden we have de-evolved to a point where a large square of cloth is not sufficient.

Ok men, time to crunch!

Hey all you men out there, guess what you are about to forget? Valentines Day! Now I know ALL of you haven't forgotten but some of you have. I personally remember but I have a small dilemma: We have church and youth on Sunday. So I guess I have to adjust my timing.

So remember guys, it isn't how much $ you spend, its how much time you spend. Give her your undivided attention and affection (from a distant to you unmarried out there!). Check back here to see how we spent our "altered Valentines day".

p.s. oh yeah, guys, doing a good job on this holiday IS A WIN WIN situation.

Thursday, February 4

DIY Pastor kit

Now you too can be just like certain pastors I may or may not know. All you need is this kit a button up shirt and a little time.

Warning: even this much fake hair may cause your electronics to fail. Be careful and use at your own risk.

We are currently working on a Music Minster kit so that you too can have "brows of worship".

Monday, January 18

Church Planning day

Here is a little something to get your monday off to a good start:

We will need a good laugh break after all day planning. Pray that we are listing to God, His wisdom and where He is leading our church.

Wednesday, January 13

new fav song! Pants on the ground

Serving the servers

This Sunday was huge for Greenville N.C. because we got a new church! Ignite launched after months of preparation and Discovery got to come out in 14 degree weather a 6am to help them set up and to pray for them. We had about 35 people out there and over half of them were our youth. Yes teens can get up at 5:30 and be somewhere by 6am!

BTW they are praying not sleeping... most of them anyway! But hey, where were you and what did you have done by 8am last Sunday?

Amazing Band (our first)

These guys were Discovery Churches 1st band. We called them back for a little jam reunion for January 10 where we were looking back to the beginning. Let me tell you: It sounded amazing! We had another great musician on the sound board to mix it.

And here is the crew: Randy, Davey, Brent, Kyle, Marcus, Jonathan, David and Grant (left to right)

Guys (not that you read my blog, but) you all did a great job and it sounded awesome. You all need to come back and be a part of our band again.

I hate this chair

But for some reason I sit in it. A little effort and I could get up and get another seat that is more comfortable, but I don't. Another chair would be so much better. And nobody is sitting in it. It is not reaching it's potential and the uncomfortable chair is being taken up by me and is not being appreciated. It is simply not a good fit. It isn't bad, just not the best for me. I am sure there is somebody who would be very comfortable in this seat. So why don't I give it up? Am I afraid of change? Am I too "Comfortable" (that can't be it... could it?)?

This scenario takes place all over the place, but not always with a chair. Sometimes it's our job or our church or even our friends. There comes a time to move. NOT ME, NOT NOW. But I am trying to understand why some people move. Why they stop calling or visiting or attending service. I am trying to understand that change isn't bad and sometimes it can be beneficial.

If you are not truly "comfortable" where you are, you ARE NOT reaching your true potential in that place and even worse is the fact that your "fit" is somewhere else and they are not reaching their full potential because of a need that you could fill.

I pray that you "fit" in here with me but that will not always be the case. Wherever you are, ask yourself how hard it is for you to be there. If it is too hard something needs to change. It could simply be a conversation or a change of attitude and even a move.

soap box: if you do leave your church, please don't blame it on lack of depth or not being fed. At lease not to me because I haven't been to church in about 10 years and I DO NOT HAVE A DEPTH problem. I get plenty of "food" myself through reading, studying and fellowship with other believers.

Monday, January 4

Next time

Next time you are at work and see a dead bug, Do this:
Then see how long it stays there. Then when someone does move it, put a chalk line around where is was and every now and then put up a little cross and some flowers to mark the site.


It's Monday and what could possibly be bad about that?
After all it IS the farthest day from NEXT Monday!