Monday, May 25

Just a few random thingies

1) It's Memorial day! We are heading over to Mom's and going to cook out on the grill.

2) Church yesterday rocked! We had some friends (Aron & Cessie Rice) lead children's music for us and the kids loved it and the teens were inspired to do it some more.

3) God's word is inspired and infallible: your interpretation of it is not! When we embrace this fact, I think only then God can speak to us and through us.

3.1) Pray for the ones who bring Gods word to the people, that they are in touch with Him and not just with the cleaver speakers and writers that are out there.
3.2) Just remember, it is easy to believe the Bible because we now know the ending. When was the last time you read one of the gospels and put yourself in their shoes. They did NOT know how everything would end. So guys, lay off Peter and even Thomas, they were not raised in Sunday school.

4) The purple beast (our van) is only 600 miles away from the big two hundred thousand mark. I think we will have a 200,000 mile party with the teens when we hit it.
5) FAQ has been great! People are engaging in it and the discussion are being carried throughout the week. you can ask HERE

5) this is really number .5) I really love my wife! I am so proud of her. She has been busting her rump at the gym and eating right so that we will be in better shape. She is looking hot! I think we have both lost around 26 pounds in the last few months. We will lose some more!

Well that is about it for now. Remember to set a little time aside to love God, after all, He has set way more aside to love you.

Wednesday, May 20

While I do like an occasional funny or sappy email...

I don't forward them! Here is a cycle I run thought to see if I should forward a funny email (or any email for that matter):

Please don't stop sending them to me though, But at the same time, they are not at the top of my read list. So do not be surprised if I haven't checked it by the next time you see me.

Tuesday, May 19

Real men DO NOT USE hand sanitizer!

Don't!!! I will not hear it! Let me tell you ladies a little something: That junk may do just fine in killing germs but it stinks at cleaning any kind of MAN DIRT. I mean grime, grease, paint, oil... you know, the kind of stuff men actually get on their hands. But low and behold, when we come into the house and head to the sink, there is no soap to be found, just some cute little bottle (that is normally about empty anyway) of ineffective, smell goodie jell. But since it is all that is there, and knowing it will not work, we use it anyway. We pump the remains from the bottle and commence to scrubbing, only to be left with still dirty hands that are now germ free and smell really good, but dirty none the less.

I WANT CLEAN HANDS! NOT GERM FREE DIRTY HANDS! GIVE ME SOME SOAP! And I mean some MAN SOAP, the stuff with abrasive in it (it can have acid in it for all I care)! It should not smell like flowers! We will tolerate citrus on rare occasions BUT NO OTHER FRIUT is acceptable.

Think about it, If the hand sanitizer worked, you would not mind us drying our hands off with your kitchen towels now would you?! And while I am on the towels: What is the deal with THAT, the terrible hand soap will not remove my grease and grim but a dry towel will remove enough of it to get dirty and bring out the evil eye from the lady of the house?

Stay Tuned For Future blogs like: Why do they call it a dishWASHER? and Why put the seat down?

Saturday, May 16

in just a few

I get to go to set-up our church with other faithful servants. It is work but it is fun fellowship also. We usually get it done in a few hours.

If you one of the many unfortunate ones who attend a church that has a building and is always set up, I fell sorry for you. You don't get to hang out with each other as much as we do! :)
Just kidding of course. But you know those few times a year when everyone gets together and works to pull something off (vbs, christmas specials). One of the things we love about those times is the "working together". We that is what we get every week, two times: one for set-up and another for tear-down. Plus haven't you always wandered if YOUR church would fit in a closet? Yeah, I knew you did.

So 2 hours and counting.

Friday, May 15

The great get-away

So last Saturday Sheila and I took off to the mountains for a few days. We both needed a get away and Jason & Lora found us a cabin. We were gone through Wednesday. It was a great get away and very relaxing. We went to see Looking Glass falls and took a few hikes (climbs) to another fall. But most of the time we just sat at the cabin and relaxed. I got some good God time in and even read a few books. I told one of my friends that I worked my last job for 15 years and rarely needed a break but with this job, I need several a year.

Honestly I think good breaks lead to better production in any job. And let me tell you: if you want to feel God and see His work, head to the mountains! His glory is everywhere you look. So here are a few of the pictures from our little 5 day Sabbath.

Monday, May 4

Good Day

I have been so busy and behind in my work that everything has been getting under my skin. But with yesterdays service, baptisms and lunch after church, I was a really great day. We had around 8 or so get baptized yesterday to go public with their salvation and profession of faith. Then we treated everyone to hotdogs and hamburgers (except Sheila and I, we are on a diet). It was great. After all that we still had to go in and tear down the church and put in it storage. I tell you that tear down never went so good. It was organized and quick. I thought that being so late, nobody would help but we had plenty and even some new people helped. The chairs and curtains were gone in record time.

a special thank you to all the people who help set up and tear down church. While the setup people are great, it is the tear down people that I appreciate the most. They are the ones who helped set up, then sat thru service and after that, before lunch, pack everything back up. It is hard but they shine.

So over all, yesterday was a great day of worship and fellowship.