Tuesday, June 8

Feeling really blessed!

What can I say? I am still on a "high" from this Sunday were the teens took over church, cooked a dinner for them and washed like 40 cars all by 2:00pm! I am honored to work with such amazing teens and kids. I don't speak in "big church" too often but I get to share God's grace every single week at least two times. If you want to see the message part: hit up our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/discoverync I wasn't overly impressed with my end but the teens rocked y world.

They designed the stage, lighting, helped with the message, put together a band in 3 weeks and even greeted and served all of out visitors. It was truly an amazing weekend. I think that they created an environment where people could truly connect with God, hear His Word, and have faith in His gift of grace.

Thank you to everyone who helped!


Kate said...

Claude you did amazing, and so did the crosslink kids. I truly enjoyed the message. You should be so happy for everything! God blessed us with your message!

Anonymous Dadious said...

That was awesome! Thank you!!!