Saturday, July 29

Heading your way

We are pulling out about 7:00am Sunday morning, Pray we are safe, gas goes down and speed limits go UP! Sheila and I will take a pasenger from Dustys crew to "lighten his load".

We stoped by our old church tonigh andn saw a bunch of the Awana workers. It was cool and good to see them all. The new commander is doing a great job!!! (better that I ever did! (he fed them!))

We will see ya'll soon, and have a great service in the morning.

P.S. I shure do miss..........BoJangles!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 27

Morning 4

We are just getting out of bed and there is a race to the 2 showers for over 12 people! I think I just saw Dusty push down a teen while trying to beat them to the remaining HOT WATER!!!
Tonight we are hooking up with some teens from Kings Avenue Baptist to hit the beach! These guys need it! We will end the night with a devotion on the beach.

We will see ya'll soon!

Hey Lora, does Jason miss me?

morning 3

Like my new look?

I had a business meeting (it went well) so Dusty and “the crew” did the message today…and I have to say that it was the best one yet. The group leaders told us that the kids were commenting on it and really got a grasp on what God did for us by sending Jesus down to SAVE us. We do have it on tape and will pass it around to small group to see. They basically went through the wordless book colors using tee shirts and acted out each part. Tyler was God, Dusty was Jesus, Chris was the sinner, Shanna was Heaven and Bethany was Growth. GOOD JOB GUYS!

Tonight we are headed to a friend’s pool and barb-b-q to swim, eat and chill out. Pray that we don’t destroy their home!

Morning 2

We love being here, and the people that are serving down here are awesome! They are not just a Sunday School class, they are friends and family to each other. While most Sunday school classes meet only once a week, theses people hand out ALL WEEK LONG. We need some-o-this at every church!

There is NO resemblance in the ubove picture!!!

We had a good 1st day and a GREAT 2nd day! Each day we are doing a color from the wordless book. Monday = Dark = sin (Rom 3:23), Tuesday = Red = Jesus blood takes our sins away (Rom 5:8), Wednesday = White = with Jesus, our sin is gone( 1 John 1:9), Thursday = Gold = Heaven and God are our reward (James 1:5), Friday = Green = We need to grow in the Lord and as Christians (2 Time 2:15). Here are a few pictures.

Tuesday, July 25

Our new trailer is "this long"

Our new trailer is "this big"

There here

The crew arived around 10:somthing pm, and looked like the were beat up and mobed! That was the roughest looking group I have seen in a while :)

And following them by only about a foot and a half was a BIG black trailer. This thing is N I C E! We definately got room to grow now! And now we can offer it up to collage students as a summertime appartment. Pictures coming, but you will have to wait!

Anyway, we are heading into day 2 of the VBS and I still got some work to do on my message so I gota go and keep checking back. BTW I will not be posting again until after 12:30 or so. BUT DUSTY WILL!

Monday, July 24

day one in Fla.

Sweet, we made it through the 1st day and the message was well received by the kids…We did have several come forward to be saved and are praying for more. There were about 150 kids there from what I could tell. Here are a few pictures of day on.

BTW I heard from Dusty and the teens around 4:30pm, they had the trailer and were headed for I75. we expect them before 9:00pm.

And yes it is hot down here!

Sunday, July 23

Seen the peeps

We got out to KABC ( And they didnt let us inside. They said we would pull more people into the "black hole" of N.C.

You know I am kidding (I do that). We saw all of our cool friends and had a great time. The 2nd service was packed! there were hardly any empty chairs in there.

Tonight we are dining with the Whitakers and the VaHeuvels know.......are you know what I am going to guessed it.....JoTo's and I am going to get eat enough to burb it all the way back up there. If you dont know what JoTo's is then ask Jason & Lora, they got us hooked on it.

Saturday, July 22

Feel whipped

Well the shopping happened! Please pray for our support to raise to cover it! Just kidding, Sheila only went to have her nails done...did you know there are 20! And yes she had them all done. We hit Sonnys BBQ for lunch since we dont have any back HOME!

After that we headed back to BED. After preaching my 1st message, putting on our 1st day camp and driving 12 hours (all in a straight 150 hours) we were beat. The bed welcomed both of us and didnt want to see us leave it.

We are going to visit KABC in the morning to say hello and thank you to our friends and supporters.

Pray for Sheila, her eye lids are swelled up and we cant seem to get them back normal. We really dont know why (except for the ubove stuff). She wants them better by the morning so please pray. So if she's wearing sunglasses at church, you didnt pray hard enough!

we made it to the sunshine state

We left N.C. Jungles at 6:00pm and drove through the night. They say we got here at 6:00am but we are not sure...we both were asleep! We hit Sheila's parents bed and didnt look back.
Now Sheila is in there conspiring to shop! I have got to undermine her devious plans!!!

check in all week for updates and also be sure to check Dustys blog (link on this page), since I am going to make him post!

Friday, July 21

Well we are off to Florida, feel free to call them and warn them that we are headed that way!
Sereiously pray for our trip, we are tired and been going all week. Pray for Dusty (he's filling in for us by doing childrens church), that the kids dont EAT HIM ALIVE!!!! And pray for his trip, he is following us down on Monday morning with a truck-o-teens!


Well we had fun and plan on a repete next year...maby a not so busy time tho. Thanks Dusty, Shanna, Randy & Laci for the help. Thanks to the parents for bringing the kids. Thanks to the kids for coming every day and having fun with us.

We LIVE!!!!! 5 Days, 10 kids, 1 really hot sun, a lot of water and an overall great time!

Thursday, July 20

4 down, 1 to go!

For crafts today, we did a full sized "Armor of God".

"Goose" was never motivation for me to tag someone! This works SO much better!!

Day 4, Randy Strickeland came by to do games...THANKS! To the parents: sorry we didnt warn you about another wetday!

Day camp casualties = 1 laptop!!!

Well for those who aren’t up to date: in December I got a new laptop for Discovery church work on the road. In January I cracked the screen! It was cracked on the bottom and was still usable so I named it “My CrackTop”. Well on day one of Day-camp, we were using it for a short film and music and I guess the sun did it in. The screen is now completely black and un-seeable at all. It does still boot up and I can use it with the projector but as a portable…it’s gone! So now the CrackTop has been renamed The BlackTop! Please pray that we can get the finances to get it replaced or fixed ASAP. I do depend on it and WILL be taking Sheila’s when I am on the road and on Sunday mornings, this WILL tax our happy home until its resolved. PRAY FOR ME!

Wednesday, July 19

Day 3, up to 12 kids (Ebelings make it feel like 20)

We are going strong into the day camp, Randy has games tomorrow, so we will keep the 1st aid box handy! just kidding!

Day 3 down, the energy levels are still up. We had our neighbors 2 kids today, Tyler & Natalie. They made 12! Grate time & great fun!

Going into day 3 :)

Weather calls for clouds and rain today but as I pointed out Sunday: “Ecclesiastes 11: 4 Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap". So GAME ON. We have been doing bible stories with all of the main characters starting with the letter J. We did Jonah & Job. and will be doing Joshua, Jacob and of course JESUS. this will be a question that the kids will have to figure out. "What do all of our characters have in common?". Anyway, gotta go set up. yall have a good day.

Tuesday, July 18

2 of 5 down...still smilling!

well here is day 2, Our 1st water day. We did some artistic pillow cases and then got wet!

Monday, July 17

this is an audio post - click to play

dups of today

1/2 day camp

keep checking back sever day to see whats happening!!!

Ring around the rosey?

We played some cool games and did a craft, a lesson, snack and watched some vieo clips that go with the lesson.

We set up these tents and a projector screen in the shed to do movie clips and some music videos.

Day one down! We all servived!! 4 more to go!!!
We all had a great time and there where lots of smiles.

They let me PREACH!!!!

And that is using the term "preach" in its losest form!!!! I got half way through my message and went blank, so I just rand off stage and went home.

Just kidding, I had a great time. I cannot speak for the audiance :) but I enjoyed it. I talked on Serving and those who know me, know how compasionate I am about it.
I have been blessed in this area that I have been able to serve in one form or other for going on 17 years (mostly with youth & children).

Tuesday, July 11

this Sunday

Well, Jason is on baby duty so all the staff is taking 1 week each and preaching. This is my Sunday. I am talking on Ministry and serving and I really like thei subject. Pray that I dont mess up too bad. I will probably be nerveous up till stage time, then I will be fine.

Friday, July 7


It's been real busy here in the jungles of Greenville. Sheila and I along with several others are planning a mision trip to the jungles of Tampa. We will be helpping Temple Hieghts Baptist Church with thier VBS and Revival services. Please keep us in your prayers. We need: ideas, time, energy and guidance.

We are also planning a backyard 1/2 day camp to "practice" for the trip. we will do all the messages and pupet skripts from the mision trip. plus a bunch of other fun things for the kids.