Wednesday, October 29


Have you ever had one of those days where you just can get things done? Time goes by too fast and work goes too slow. Well I have had that all week. I have this little headache that just will not go away, a cold is trying to creep up on me and there is a ton to do. I just feel drained. I think I need an energy drink or five!

Oh well, I guess I should get back to it and stop blogging.

Saturday, October 25

09 calender in the rough


So Sheila (my lovely wonderful beautiful wife of my dreams) went to a rock concert last night, I don't know who the band was but they were thrashing!

Friday, October 24

Jason has gone to study

so its break time for us. He wants us to continue working but thats probably not going to happen. So far we have spent time in prayer and worship and we have some foundational ideas on the board. Stay tuned for more updates.

P>S> I am really looking forward to lunch... Valerie Rennie is hooking us up!

everything is fine in 09

OK, he have broken into the Hanson home and are now waiting for Brad to get here with some food... HURRY UP BRAD! We are settled in to put together our year calendar. If you read this within the next few hours please pray for this meeting to bring glory to God and Him alone.
Last years calender was awesome and absolutely God lead. There is no way that the sermon series were coincidence. So I am looking forward to this planning session!

I will try to check in throughout the day but no promises.

Thursday, October 23

I'm still here

way too busy for all this church stuff that needs to be done, I sure hope our next president adds a day or two to the week.

Anyhow, I will try to check in more often.
Yeap, I preached last sunday and I had a blast. I went over an hour! But I think most people were engaged.
What other church requires 3d glasses?

This is our longes and shortest married couple (that was there this week)

Yeap, thats an engine hoist!!!
I look like a preacher... in jeans!

All is good on the home front and I am looking forward to Friday where we get to plan 09 (or at least start to plan)

for those who where at Discovery this week, here is your test:
What do these mean:
Dr Thunder
toilet paper
3d glasses
old house

ready, set GO!!!

Sunday, October 12

Get'in ready for CHURCH boyeeeeee!

oh yeah, been a way cool and busy week but I am stoked about being able to enter Gods house today, to join a group of believes and even non-believers in worshipping HIM, and to hang out with the coolest kids I have know for awhile. That is awesome! We are going to have fun at "the Rock" (our children's church) today! We are going to learn about taking care of the stuff you have which turns out to be a gift from God himself. Also, we are going to challenge the kids (all of them) to do a Christmas box for the Samaritans Purse.

Any way, I got some more "tweaking" to do on the lesson so.... Later gator!

Saturday, October 11

Home at last!

if I had to use one word for the last 3 days it would be WOW. THe good WOW and the bad wow. Here we go:
wow, that was a long stinki'n ride
WOW, good food at FATZ
wow, bad ingestion from FATZ
WOW, I don't have to sleep on the floor OR with another dude.
wow, that was the coldest night EVER... TURN off the ac dude!!!
wow, looks like we will be walking in the rain
WOW, there sure are a lot of people at Catalyst walking in the rain with us.
WOW, we got a limo ride to the door, no rain for us!!!
WOW, I have heard from the top speakers in our country!
wow, my brain hurts!
wow, we (Discovery church) didn't win anything :( ... yet!
WOW, what powerful worship!
wow, the ride home was longer than the ride there!!!
wow, marcus gets weird when he gets tired.
wow, it was 3am before I got to bed.
wow, I gotta be up in the morning!!!
WOW, I just spent the last three days with the coolest people from Discovery Church!!!


Wednesday, October 8


Leaving in one hour!!!! I will try to update you guys every now and then!


Monday, October 6

you don't have to be the best at what you do. You don't have to be the best teacher, preacher or singer. You don't have to know more, work harder or empress more people. All you have to do is:

"manage the little things in your life, over the long haul, and you will experience "success by default", you WILL be the last person standing"

This is from "", check out their viper media.

Friday, October 3

yeah, yeah back off!

I know I haven't been around but honestly my time in front of this screen has been limited. So here are some updates:

My mom-in-law got a mac! She is now cool!!!
(other cool mac people: Sheila, Shannon (brand new user) Eddie, Jason, Davey, Jeremy, Jessica, Todd, Frank, Philip W., Brad, Felicia and Joshua ( It turns out that JENN is a mac user also.... She is cool!)
If you have a mac, let me know and you too will be cool!

Excited to be back in the grove after a vacation and trip to Fl.
BTW Val, we came by your house, shame on you for not being there!!!!
Get the privilege to preach to the kids in 2 days! yay!

Leave for Ga. in 5 days, 9 of us Discovery peeps will be at Catalyst Conference and I am pumped about it.

in three weeks I preach to grown ups! (at least by their age!) (Thanks for volunteering me RANDY!!!) At first I didn't really want to but the more I look over my message, I am getting into it and see it as an opportunity for people to be challenged.

I am learning that forgiveness still comes with consequences. And love takes work.

I am disappointed in our deacons... Oh Wait...We DON"T HAVE DEACONS!!! (At least that's what the deacon committee claims!)

I am called be be right where I am! THAT IS AN AWESOME FEELING!!!

in 10 minutes I will be in bed, Good night!