Wednesday, January 13

I hate this chair

But for some reason I sit in it. A little effort and I could get up and get another seat that is more comfortable, but I don't. Another chair would be so much better. And nobody is sitting in it. It is not reaching it's potential and the uncomfortable chair is being taken up by me and is not being appreciated. It is simply not a good fit. It isn't bad, just not the best for me. I am sure there is somebody who would be very comfortable in this seat. So why don't I give it up? Am I afraid of change? Am I too "Comfortable" (that can't be it... could it?)?

This scenario takes place all over the place, but not always with a chair. Sometimes it's our job or our church or even our friends. There comes a time to move. NOT ME, NOT NOW. But I am trying to understand why some people move. Why they stop calling or visiting or attending service. I am trying to understand that change isn't bad and sometimes it can be beneficial.

If you are not truly "comfortable" where you are, you ARE NOT reaching your true potential in that place and even worse is the fact that your "fit" is somewhere else and they are not reaching their full potential because of a need that you could fill.

I pray that you "fit" in here with me but that will not always be the case. Wherever you are, ask yourself how hard it is for you to be there. If it is too hard something needs to change. It could simply be a conversation or a change of attitude and even a move.

soap box: if you do leave your church, please don't blame it on lack of depth or not being fed. At lease not to me because I haven't been to church in about 10 years and I DO NOT HAVE A DEPTH problem. I get plenty of "food" myself through reading, studying and fellowship with other believers.

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