Monday, October 10

just a little troubled...

In the middle of a Romans 12 study and how this passage relates to discipleship, I am curious as to when discipleship became merely knowledge. The first thing a lot of churches do to feed ones desire to improve their walk with God is to offer some type of class- Discipleship 101, so to speak.

Furthermore the standard for getting a job at a church is pretty much the same as getting a job anywhere. The more school you have, the better position you can obtain. So with this rational: the more you know, you better disciple you must be...right? We like to throw around words like Armenian and Calvinist and even missional, we like to toss around the latest books we read and use authors names like they are friends of ours. And let me tell you, this is impressive. But honestly It is bugging me a bit. Don't get me wrong, it is good to read and study but reading and studying isn't always the best answer (or first). Sometimes action is. When the 5000 needed food, Jesus didn't hand out the latest small group study on how to feed the hungry. No, he put them into action. He asked them what they had to offer then told them to get to work passing out the food. (yes Jesus taught them something but it wasn't a 200 page book).

I just think that we may be missing it a little. When I hear a church friend tell me that he cannot get a raise until he gets his next degree, I am troubled. When I hear of a church opening that requires a degree, again, I am troubled. It's kind of like David offering to fight the giant but Saul sending him to fighting classes and the gym to bulk up first. With all of our available knowledge at hand, are we leaving room for action? Or even faith? When we demand that someone is perfectly qualified for a task, are we leaving any room for God to work? If I am able to do the job without God, I will possibly do the job without God!

Are we pouring into ourselves so much that we are actually delaying or even avoiding the action? Is reading a book or doing a study really letting me love my neighbors more? Sure I know how to love them more through the knowledge but when do we put it into practice? Are we waiting to complete the study before we commit the service?

I can honestly tell you that I am part of a church that seems to have a pretty good balance of this. My church encourages both the learning and the serving. I know we are to study to show ourselves approved but there are way more verses calling us to meet needs and love others than there are to study. I love my reading time but if I went out and served as much as I read (which isn't really that much) I think I would make a bigger impact on the kingdom.

My challenge to me is to get up more, get out more, read as much, blog less, love more, attempt things that are too big for me and try to make sure my growing as a disciple isn't merely knowledge.

Sorry for my rant. Just being honest whit what I feel.