Monday, February 15

2010 up and running

Ok this year is already way to packed! We are packing the calendar with a ton of stuff. From sermon series to conferences to summer camp and youth trips. Just looking at the calendar gets overwhelming. I am looking to revive my day of rest and my GTO (God Time Only). I haven't been missing too may GTO's but I have missed all of my days of rest. This will change!

I am looking forward to tomorrow night though: it is Sheila and my date night. We will go out to dinner and just hang out with each other for the evening. Sunday was Valentines day but with all of our church stuff, it wasn't the most romantic day of the year! So we had a wonderful dinner on Friday eve and Tuesday we will do the date.

Church is going well. We are doing a LONG series on listening to/for GOD and asking ourselves "Where Are You?" Children's Church is going through the Bible and talking about all of the different ways God spoke to His people. God gets really creative sometimes in the way He gets our attention.

Our Crosslink Teen ministry is going great! Theses kids have become so much a part of our lives that when one is out, we feel the lose. I love these guys so much and am honored to be a part of their lives. They always push hard to do the right thing.

Well that is a little update for now, I have to go make a few phone calls to some of our Children Church kids.

Wednesday, February 10

ok people, it's not that hard!!!

You guys are killing me! It's a blanket, it isn't hard to use! Get over it. If your feet come out form under it, it isn't the end of the world! People have been mastering blankets for thousands of years and now all of a sudden we have de-evolved to a point where a large square of cloth is not sufficient.

Ok men, time to crunch!

Hey all you men out there, guess what you are about to forget? Valentines Day! Now I know ALL of you haven't forgotten but some of you have. I personally remember but I have a small dilemma: We have church and youth on Sunday. So I guess I have to adjust my timing.

So remember guys, it isn't how much $ you spend, its how much time you spend. Give her your undivided attention and affection (from a distant to you unmarried out there!). Check back here to see how we spent our "altered Valentines day".

p.s. oh yeah, guys, doing a good job on this holiday IS A WIN WIN situation.

Thursday, February 4

DIY Pastor kit

Now you too can be just like certain pastors I may or may not know. All you need is this kit a button up shirt and a little time.

Warning: even this much fake hair may cause your electronics to fail. Be careful and use at your own risk.

We are currently working on a Music Minster kit so that you too can have "brows of worship".