Tuesday, June 30


Sasquatch 1st attack

After a quiet week with very few reports or sightings a horrible event has taken place.
An attack. Until now every sighting has show the creature to be docile
but the disturbing video below has changed all of that.

This video was submitted to us from the Hickory area north of Asheville.
Animal experts do not expect the creature to nest long in this area.

S3 Is going to be GREAT

OK, our church (Discovery) does this thing we call S3, it stands for Second Saturday Service. It is a time where we go out into the community to simply bless them. Sometimes we serve them and sometimes we give out stuff. All we really want to do is let people know that God is REAL, God is ALIVE and God LOVES us.
Well this week is the 4th of July so we are heading out that night to the fireworks. Pretty much the whole town will be there. We have over 4000 glow sticks and Pop-It's to pass out to families and kids. Now I know that these things don't really say much about God but they do put a smile on peoples face and opens a door for us to tell them about God.
We will be going out in groups and it will be a blast. Let me know if you want to join in.
So if you happen to be in downtown Greenville this Saturday night, look for the glow bracelets and know that we were there and that God loves you!

Monday, June 22

Amazing up close photo.

It is confirmed. The Big Foot is in the mountains just north of Asheville N.C.
There is something very familiar looking about this creature. There is little doubt that this thing is related to humans.
As long as it stays on the west side of the state, Greenville residents should be safe.
All done, the bag has busted and is completely empty! Over the past few months Discovery Churches nursery has doubled! And has over 40 pounds of new babies!

So we welcome Baileigh, Elizabeth, Noah, Natalia and last but not least Andrew to our church family.

On the move again

If you have been following this blog you know that a creature, that walks upright like a man but is covered from head to toe with hair, has been sited all over the area. The creature has been sighted by numerous people. In the past few days photos and even some video proof of the creatures rampage have surfaced.

Here is a map of some of the locations the beast has been seen.

There was a few sightings in Greenville N.C. again for a short while on June 21st and last night and today there have been sightings in the Hickory N.C. area. Still, no people have been injured by the beast. But as I said before, should you encounter it, please proceed with extreme caution.

Sunday, June 21

Yesterday a local Greenville T-Mobile employee who is on a golf trip in Myrtle Beach snapped this shot with his Blackberry Perl Flip phone. He was so happy that he actually made the green that he failed to notice the strange hairy figure that wandered into the photo. It wasn't until later that he was later admiring the photo that he noticed the beast.

Saturday, June 20

The fluffy monster is on the move.

It has once again been spotted hunting food at a restaurant called The Carolina Roadhouse. A server there claims the she almost got the creature come out of hiding by tempting it with a steak. For now the beast seems to be staying in the Myrtle Beach area and was last seen nesting near Girvan Rd and Montrose Ln. If you are not in this area, you are safe for now.
Stay tuned for more updates!

ok, I have to admit...

Either there are more than one Sasquatch or he is on the move. There has been another sighting at The Legends Gold course. But this time the eye witness claims the fuzzy man creature was not as threatening as earlier. As it turns out, he has some skill. Still if you spot it, DO NOT try and approach it. This is still a wild beast and had not been determined to be safe yet. Please proceed with extreme caution.

The carnage!

The fuzzy beast at large. It has been sighted at Buffalo Wild Wings on Oakheart Road in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was said to have been on some sort of feeding frenzy. When officials got to the site the picture below was all that was left. One of the servers said it was drawn to the Asian Zing wings.

This is a blended picture of GreenSpings!

This is 4 pictures put together to give you a feel for what it is like out there!

If you want to see more go to greenspingsfun website!

Poor sport sighted!

A follow up on the Sasquatch seen at The Wizard Golf Club: The beast seems to be interacting with a few spectators. But has been reported to be a bad sport about Golf. One Prison Guard who is trying to just enjoy his Fathers-day weekend golfing, caught this on his camera phone:

1st sighting of the day!

It's Saturday June 20th and at approximately 8:00 this morning there was another Sasquatch sighting. This time it was seen at The Wizard Golf Club in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.
The beast was seen by several spectators and the common description used by them is: "It was the hairiest thing they have ever seen". A doctor that witnessed the creature claims he has never seen facial bone structure at work like this before. "The Frontal Bone, that makes up the brow, was way disportioncate and enlarged." claims the doctor.

Friday, June 19

Caught on film!

If you have been following my post, you know there have been some freaky sightings. Something that looks like a Sasquatch has been seen multiple times today!
Well, now believe it or not, It has been seen again. This time they got it on film. This may be the best footage ever taken of this legendary creature!!!

The following film is not for the weak at heart. Please view it with caution!

Another sighting reported

Around 10:00 there were reports of another sighting of the THING I posted about before. We still are not sure what it is but it is clutching something in one of it's paws and is poking at it with a finger.
It is no longer in the Greenville area. it was south southbound looked to be headed out of North Caroline. South Carolina officials have been notified.

I am intrigued! it is one thing to catch a glimpse of something, but for a second sighting in the same day!

Something Strange!

I am not one to believe in a bunch of strange stuff like UFO's or The Loch Ness monster but over the last few days something weird has been going on....

Friday June 19th around 7:20 there was something strange sighted at a local store here in Greenville. In the area of Greenville Blvd. and Charles Blvd.. It was dark, walked upright and was covered from head to toe in hair. It was not a monkey (tho it did act like one every now and then) and it was not a gorilla. No, this thing was big and scary!
Some people said it looked like a Yeti! Personally I think it was THIS! If I had not seen it myself, I would not have believed it! I don't know what it was doing in a populated area but it seemed very desperate to get something, it was on a mission of some sort.
Here is a picture I snapped with my cell phone! you tell me!
Look just inside the door!
the creature did seem to be leaving the area! But I will be locking my doors over the next few days!!!

Monday, June 8

Apple store is DOWN!

That means some goodies are on the way!!!!!

It's a new week...

My challenge to you this week it to notice all of the little things that God does for you/us. It is easy to notice the big things God does but when what the last time you praised Him for the little things? The every day miracles that our creator does for us.
If you read my last post, you found me heading out to Communion at Discovery church to remember and worship God for His biggest gift to us, His Son Jesus Christ as a payment for our wrongdoings. As we were reflecting on this huge event that reunites us with our maker, I thought to myself that we all recognize the huge stuff but often neglect the little stuff, like the peace God gives us in times of trouble or need, that kind person He sent to give you a few words of encouragement, our health, our jobs and family, what about our freedom. I know some of you are in need in these areas of your life but continue to pray and look hard for the way God is already acting on your behalf.
This morning I got up and turned on the light, and it worked! The room was lit. Now before you give me the big old "Well Duhhhh". Do you really have any idea what has taken place to get that light to brighten up your day? You have inventors, investors, labors, your job to pay the bill, Home Depot to supply your bulbs, the electricians who wired you home, the linemen working in the storms to keep the wires intact...I could go on. These are the little things that we never praise God for.
So this week look around and see how God has and is moving. And when you do see something, give God the glory and thank Him.

Remember as in everything, we see only a tiny piece of a greater picture. A single pixel if you will. And it is not until we step way back and see what is really out there. And when you do see more of the picture and begin to understand... Step a little farther back and you will see even more.

For some of you this is hogwash, but I feel for someone out there, this is just what you needed to read.

P.S. thank God for the internet! Wow what happened to give THAT to us!

Sunday, June 7

heading out in 15 minutes

To pick up 16 rotisserie chickens for the Lords Supper. I absolutely love the way Discovery Church does Communion. We don't do the whole cracker and a sip of grape juice (there is nothing really wrong with that) What we do is supper! We have a meal and end it with a time of testimony and reflection on what Jesus Christ did for us, before the cross, during and after. Never forget that He is the reason we are here and able to do what we are doing. His grace is extravagant!

Wednesday, June 3

Think about it!

When I read where Jesus told the teachers that the greatest commandment was to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." I find myself wondering how to love God with all of these four things. Some of them are easy, some are difficult. But the mind, that is an easy thing to loe the lord with. The kids want you to see an easy way to Love God with your mind:

Philipians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Rolling in the new room

We are up and running in the new room for our children's church. It is huge and now it is green. The teens got together and did all of the paint work a few weeks back. The room is not done but is definitely usable. The kids seem to enjoy it and  know I sure do. The sound system rocks and the video works pretty well.

Sometime you should ask my wife how she so cleverly came up with the paint scheme.