Tuesday, August 29

The many faces of service!

The ladys waiting to serve

Davey missin his guitar!

I used to like watermelon!

Well, I still do, but I had my share this weekend. We (Discovery Church) went out in force to...“love our neighbors” at the local Watermelon Festivel. We passed out sun screen and bug repellant, set up a baby changing station, offered hand sanitizer (we were set up by the pottiesJ) and had a $100 drawing. It was a good time and the people were looking for a place to donate. They couldn’t believe we didn’t want their money and were there FOR THEM!

The free watermelon was only a short distance away so I made a couple/few/several trips over there to get-me-some. It was GOOOD!

I don’t know how many people showed up at the festival but it was a bunch. We handed out about 1500 bug wipes and 3500 sun screen packets to passer bys. They were thankful and most said they forgot their sun screen at home! They would stop in front of us to apply it to themselves and their kids.

The mothers were grateful we had set up a baby changing station. Though that is misleading, the babies didn’t change all that much…their diapers are what was changed!

Friday, August 25

Sorry, its been awhile

Things are rolling pretty strong and busy since our trip. We are getting ready to go out to the watermelon festival to see how we can serve our community. I will try and get some pictures for you tonight and tomorrow.

And I promise not gross pictures (unlike Pastor Jason and his poo shoe (sounds like a Chinese side dish!)).

We got a “nap mate”. This is Jack Jack. He is a rat…I mean a Rat Terrier that my father gave us. My dad breeds them and has about 11! So we picked this guy. Every time I lay down the climbs up on me and goes to sleep. He does this to builds up energy for his next hyper destructive attack!