Saturday, September 23

Back to Fl.

Well we made it back home just in time to...GO BACK TO FLORIDA! I have a business meeting with Home Depot on Wednesday. As much as I don't want to travel, I do want to meet with them and optimistic that the meeting will be beneficial.

So I am outta here Tuesday and back on Thursday.

Thursday, September 21

Wednesday, September 20

Well it's official!

Sheila said that our move to N.C. wasn’t done and final until we got N.C. tags on the van…so here you go (for all you Floridians who were wanting us to move back!

Those of you who know me on the computer will recognize the name. To clarify: No I am not bragging about me sinning and no I am not proud of my shortcomings. But I am made prefect through Jesus who died for me! I still sin (so do you), and I pray constantly for strength in my weak areas. Too many people today think Christians are hypocrites when they do something wrong. In reality we (Christians) are not perfect…just forgiven! I never want to lose site of what was done for me (and you) on the cross and my screen-name is a constant reminder.

l8tr g8tr!

Saturday, September 16

Just wanted to say:


Why are they always in Florida?

Ok for those of you who don’t know, I have a job in Florida that has paid the bills for me now 15 years. My brother started a company named M and C Assemblies. Back in 91 we began assembling products for the Home Depots. Our workers go in and assemble the products that you can buy. It’s really a cool job and we pay our techs commission so they have the opportunity to make lots of money. When I felt God calling us to N.C. to work with Discovery I soon learned that he was working on it LONG before that. You see I was the only manager for 50+ stores and worked very hard (sometimes), but before the call to move we set up assistant managers over 12 stores each. This not only made it possible to work from home and to move but it also doesn’t cost our company any more money.

The move to N.C. did bring a drop in pay since my company will not pay for my monthly trips back to Fl. And one day I hope to be able to reduce my M and C responsibilities in order to give more focus to Discovery Church, but for now I am by-vocational.

So now all you blog readers know what I do and why I am in Fl. Thank you all for covering for us while we are gone.

been to long

wow I feel like some of the OTHER pastors that never blog! what 2 weeks now? We we are still in Tampa for a day or 2 and it is crowded here. We are in a 1400 sqft home with 6 adults and 4 kids (and 2 dogs), So quiet is NOT a part of this visit. I know now, a little better, what Pasor Ebeling deals with.

anyway, we gotta run to a b-ball game so I will contiune later.

Saturday, September 2

We're BACK!

the sign is down and we are available...for now :)
We went to Cary N.C. for a few days, and we had a great time. Sheila hit EVERY retail store in towm and some in Raleigh.
We needed the break and the rest.