Wednesday, December 22

Christmas In Greenville

Here are just a few things people are saying ofter night one!
Come on out tonight at 7 to experience it for yourself!!!

Laci McCabe Strickland

I had SO much fun last night singing and leading worship at the Christmas in Greenville Service!!! Can't wait to go back tonight and just take it all in. What a great privilege to be a part of four churches joining together as one! If you don't have plans tonight, you do not want to miss this! Seriously!! 7:00pm in the auditorium of Rose High School :)

Nancy Gates Rotthoff

‎"Christmas in Greenville" was awesome and inspiring! A much needed reminder of how to give this time back to the ONE who gave it to us first! If you couldn't be there tonight, you have another opportunity to experience it tomorrow night at 7:00 pm at J.H.Rose High School auditorium in Greenville.

Jason Ebeling

Still can't get over how awesome God is and how humbling it is to be a part of telling Greenville about Him at Christmas in Greenville tonight. I'm gonna have a hard time sleeping.

Kyle Tomahawk Kulickowski

is in absolute awe at what christmas in greenville turned into tonight personaly this was my event that ive leterally seen from begining (a bare stage) to end (and extremly impressive outcome) props to the tech crew you guys pulled it off tonight amazing job by the speakers bought out the reall meaning of christmas... thanks for all that came out and hope to see you+a friend or two tomarro night

CrossPointe Fellowship - Greenville, NC

All I can say right now is WOW, unbelievable service, if you couldn't make it, do everything you can to make it Wed. night. You do not want to miss it, and neither will your friends; so bring them too, ray

Isaiah Carlton

‎(continued) Please come out, it's really worth it. Some of you may say "who wants to go to a boring sermon?" but im here to tell you it's not a boring sermon it's the truth and very energetic! Good luck sleeping on this message!

Isaiah Carlton

You have missed out today! BUT there's also another day! Come to Christmas in Greenville a J.H Rose Auditorium tomorrow at 7 o'clock p.m! Trust me you don't want to miss it! I went tuesday now's your chance to go thursday. (continued)

Paula Conrad Bland

Had a Amazing Time at Christmas In Greenville and taking the time to remember what Christmas is Really about . Also enjoyed watching my 8 yr old stand in the chair and dancing to the music

George W. Davis IV

Thankful for the people who put their hearts into the service tonight. J H Rose 7 PM tomorrow, same Christmas service! Everyone's invited!

Kelly Powierza Garner

Christmas in Greenville church service was really good! another service wed 7p @ Rose HS. you should check it out yourself :)

Debra Winfrey

Being blessed by Christmas In Greenville live right now!

Stacy Hill Succop

‎"Christmas in Greenville" was amazing and just what the Dr ordered for me, well at least the "greatest Physician" who lived that didn't need any credentials behind his name. Wish I could feel this great every day.

Ignite Church Hey Igniters! If you didn't make it out to the Christmas service last night you missed an amazing blessing and I hope you'll come out tonight. If you did come out then I hope you'll come back and bring your friends and family members. The messages will be the same points but I promise new things will be revealed and your heart will be greatly challenged and encouraged! See you all tonight!

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