Monday, February 21

Stepping aside and along for the ride

I have been doing a lot of thinking about Discovery Churches youth ministry called Crosslink. This group of teens as been growing and growing strong over the past year. Before that, we had a good flow of teens coming but not like this. We are blessed with several visitors each week and the leaders really haven't been doing any inviting. So where are they coming from? Well the teens are inviting them. They are engaging their friends in conversations about God, Jesus and the Bible and apparently in a way that actually draws people in rather than push them away. Crosslink is growing from the outside in.

These kids get it. They are not leaving the work up to the pastors and leadership, they are out there BEING the church in what we are calling the “between Sundays”. Make no mistake: this is NOT some plan or strategy that we are pushing. It is not an attendance program. It is simply Teens letting their faith show through in their daily lives. It is something that THEY are teaching us. And I want to celebrate that! These kids have become some of the most influential people in my life. I thank them all for that.

Let me assure you that I am not concerned with how many teens we get there on a given Sunday night but do be assured that I am thrilled that these kids are showing fruit. The Kingdom is growing and our Sunday night numbers are showing that.

Discovery Church is focused on making disciples of Christ by Deepening our relationship with God and believers, By Doing something to serve God and others and finally by Developing relationships with unbelievers. I think it is this last “D” that the teens really get. Them being more social than us grown-ups, they shine in the Developing were we are naturally better at the Deepening and Doing. So maybe we can all learn from each other and share our strengths, work on our weaknesses and celebrate the “Wonders of God”.

Thank you for still checking my Blog, you are all awesome for putting up with my lack of maintenance here.