Wednesday, December 20

Lazy afternoon

Sheila had a headache and needed some down time.

She claimes it worked well, her headache went away.

Bikers invade Greenville!!!

On Sunday the 17th of this year, witness claim "rowdy and ruthless" bikers stormed their neighborhood. No one was seriously injured with the exception and a few egos. The renegade group raced up and down the streets at well above the legal speed limit and had no concern for the local residents safety or comfort. Why they came and where they went, we will never know. We are just grateful that our community survived this encounter.

Here are a few pictures, IF anyone has any information on their whereabouts, please stay away and contact authorities!

Monday, December 4

Sheila, I miss you...Come home!

Today I accidentally microwaved a Pop Tart for 3 minutes instead of 30 seconds! The smoke was incredible!

pray for me & the house...I am doing (trying) laundry!

Jack Jack ate the fish, Muncie ate Jack Jack and dipstick ate Munchine! So we only gotta worry about one animal from now on!
Unless of course Dipstick gets food poisoning from eating Munchie who ate jack Jack who are the fish!!!

Just come home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Idle hands

OK, as I posted on Nov 30th, I said I would "attempt" to abstain from ALL secular influence! "So no secular music, no TV at ALL, no magazines, no movies and (the hardest) NO INTERNET!" ok I am 5 (out of 7) days into it and its confession time! I dropped Sheila off at the airport on Wednesday and came home and said goodbye to all my worldly media...So I thought!
confession #
1) Wednesday night I turned on music to sleep to and in the morning...I realized that it was country music!!!
2) Thursday, I am restoring my computer and needed to download drivers from the internet (its not entertainment so is that ok?)
3) Friday Brent ALMOST tempted me with Ultimate Fighting on PayPer View, but I resisted...Barely!
(turns out it wasn't on anyway (according to Jason...Cause I couldn't check online!)
4) Sunday night I went to eat with Randy and Jason after youthgroup and the restaurant had rock music and TV's playing everywhere (all though only sports was on but still!)

Over all I am not doing too bad, I have had No TV, no games (my psp feels neglected (although I do have the Bible on it so I read Gods word on my PSP!! How cool is that?)), no magazines, no movies, no websites (other than the above)(BTW, this is the hard one!), no newspaper (sorry Sandy & Jennifer, I will have to catch on the news later) and I haven't even been reading in my secular books...Oh wait...I DON'T READ! I haven't even gone through the mail.

So that's how that part went. This is what I said I would do "I want to spend this time, undisturbed, with God in prayer, reading, listening and seeking him". Ok, I didn't do great in the prayer even though I have been talking to God all day, I only had one night of "stillness" and by far it was the best night yet! Reading his word, all week long, I have a Bible in EVERY room and read every chance I got. The listening part was ok, I feel that without all this junk, it is easer to focus on God.

The rest of the time I had my work with M & C, Church to prep for and I made a little something for my wife out in the wood shop:

don't tell her, its a secret!

sorry about the poor phone pics, Sheila took the good camera with her

this is my little helper, he picked up the little pieces of scrap wood and took them off!

dang, now I have to mow around this thing!!!

Could I live this way? I don't think so! I could "do without" but avoiding it is very difficult. The "world" is all around us! The influence is too abounding and strong! We are supposed to live in this world but not be OF THIS WORLD. Living "in it" is dealing with all this junk and seeking God while being "of it" is loving this junk and choosing it over God, our family's and even ourselves sometimes.

Could you imagine, if all this secular and worldly stuff was replace by God's influnce and greatness, what this place would be like? I can...Heaven! And this is what we can expect "when we get HOME!"

Friday, December 1

Selfish post

Anyone out there who is NOT my wife can ignore this blog post!
So if you are not Sheila, stop reading and don’t look at my pictures!

Sheila, its been only one point five days and I want you back here. Jack-Jack is still running from the bedroom to the tv room looking for you (I have found myself doing it a few times also!)
I hope you get a lot done and STAY STRONG and determined down there. Focus on the task and DONT ask "should ya'll keep this", just get rid of it!
Alisha says to use the 2 month rule, "if you havent used it in 2 months...put it away or get rid of it". I tend to agree with her.
Derek just laughed and shook his head.
Kelly was about to fly down there to help you!

Here are a few of us that miss you:

Munchie misses you!

Fluffy misses you!

Brutus misses you!

Tang misses you!

Shrimp misses you!

They ALL miss you!

And of course I miss you!

Useless information

Did you know in MS Word that if you type in “xbox”, Microsoft will tell you that it needs to be capitalized because its a name BUT if you type in “playstation” or “gamecube” it doesnt! and the “Xbox” was the last one out on the market. Dont EVEN try "ipod"!!! (Apple Works doesnt even recognize that word)
Did you try it?...
thought so!

well, I'm not really alone after all!

As my 1st day alone in this house came to an end, I realized a few things that make me thankful for my wife:
1) I am not alone, we have a cat, 2 dogs and about 10 tropical fish.
2) They take alot to take care of. (Sheila does most of it)
3) It is a lot of work cleaning up after myself! (Sheila does ALL of it)
a. BTW my dirty clothes didn't magicaly go from the floor to the hamper last night!
4) Food doesnt prepair itself!!! (Sheila does most of it)
5) In a king sized bed, all alone, I still sleep on my side?
6) THIS PLACE IS QUIET..."What was that noise?"
7) I dont like Microsoft anymore!
8) I want my wife back home asap!

Thursday, November 30

All Alone For a Week!

Sheila went to Florida, her mom needed her help. She left Wednesday and will be back next Wednesday. I have the house to my self. I am planning on spending a lot of time in prayer, catching up on work and church stuff...Like my blog!

I am going to (attempt) to abstain from ALL secular media for the whole week!!! I want to spend this time, undisturbed, with God in prayer, reading, listening and seeking him. I want to see how much this meaningless junk distracts me on a daily bases. So no secular music, no TV at ALL, no magazines, no movies and (the hardest) NO INTERNET! I am only allowing myself our church website, Biblegateway and my blog. That's it!
So far its only 1/2 a day and I am already ahead of some phone calls and work that needed to be done.

I will blog about how well or how bad I am doing during this week, so stay tuned in.

Saturday, November 11

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you this!!!!

I have rached 250lbs!!! 254 to be exact! This number bothers me and I WILL lose some Weight. I am 6’4” so I don’t think I look too bad but then again I have never been known for my thinking!!!
For those of you that cannot picture 250lb’s here is some help:

This wagon will NOT hold me!

I am not allowed on this "Little Giant Ladder"

This cat cannot lift me!

But these 4 guys can!!!

This wheel cannot be used for highway use OR carry someone my size!

So now I want your help. How much do you all say I whould weigh?
here are some STARTER rules that I have applied:
less Bojangles
less sitting
more health food
more walking/moving

gimme some more rules and I will try to follow them.

It's time to go out

Well I need to go get ready for "S3". It is our Second Saturday Service that we do every...second Saturday (duh). We are washing cars, weedin yards and raking leaves. Pray that we touch people in need and open doors to minister by us doing these little things. Also pray that this "S3" spreads out over our town. That other churchs and more people get involved. I will try to get you some pictures for tonight.

The meaning of the word RETREAT

We need to get Pastor Jason a dictionary! I have come to the conclusion that he doesn’t know what “get away” and “retreat” means. The “Work Trip” was good and very productive, and I am looking forward to what God is going to do here at Discovery Church. We go most…well, some…ok, a few of the 07 messages hammered out and they will be great.
I have include some (phone) pictures of the surrounding area where we were.

This is Waller Mill Park in Williamsburg Va.

If I wasnt a MAN, I might say this place was "pretty" but I am a MAN so I will not!

We were kinda expecting Jason (from the friday 13th movies) to jump out of the water at any time!

Notice that Jason is staying away from the rail. The waters were infested with Snakehead Fish and he was SCARED!

Wednesday, November 8

Been TOOOOO long

Sorry, I will try harder to blog more

We are actualy on a pastors "retreat" in Va. While it is pretty here with all the leafs changing, I am ready to come home!

We are planning the messages for 07 and are almost there. All I am at liberty to tell you is: YOU DONT WANT TO MISS CHURCH ANY IN 07!!!!!

Wednesday, October 4

Need I say more?

My list of place to go and people to see is getting shorter

The bold ones are whats left...for now! Stay tuned in to see what else comes up.

Sept 26 drive from Greenville to Raleigh
Sept 26 fly from Raleigh to Tampa
Sept 26 drive from Tampa to Atlanta Ga.
Sept 27 drive from Atlanta to Tampa
Sept 29 fly from Tampa to Charlotte
Sept 29 fly from charlotte to Raleigh
Sept 29 drive from Raleigh to Greenville
Oct 4 "ride" from Greenville to Atlanta
Oct 7 "ride" from Atlanta to Greenville
Oct 20 drive from Greenville to Durham
Oct 23 fly from Raleigh to Tampa
Oct 26 fly from Tampa to Raleigh
Oct 26 drive from Raleigh to Greenville

Monday, October 2

Going, going, Gone

Ok so I flew (the plane did most of the work) to Tampa to then drive to Atlanta Ga. for a 1-hour meeting to drive back to Tampa! If this wasn’t enough, I was about to head to the Tampa airport to fly out when I realized that I booked my return flight one month out! It was supposed to be Sept 28th but instead I clicked October the 26th! Having no intention of stay there for a month, I booked another round trip to get me home now and back next month. So my return flight in October WILL be used and really didn’t cost me anything more than embarrassment.

So I got back to Greenville on Thursday by way of Tampa to Charlotte to Raleigh to Greenville! No fun.
So guess what: now this Wednesday I drive back to Atlanta for a conference. And in two weeks we got the Weekend to Remember in Durham N.C. then I fly back to Tampa

So here’s the travels I did and am doing:
Sept 26 drive from Greenville to Raleigh
Sept 26 fly from Raleigh to Tampa
Sept 26 drive from Tampa to Atlanta Ga.
Sept 27 drive from Atlanta to Tampa
Sept 29 fly from Tampa to Charlotte
Sept 29 fly from charlotte to Raleigh
Sept 29 drive from Raleigh to Greenville
Oct 4 "ride" from Greenville to Atlanta
Oct 7 "ride" from Atlanta to Greenville
Oct 20 drive from Greenville to Durham
Oct 23 fly from Raleigh to Tampa
Oct 26 fly from Tampa to Raleigh
Oct 26 drive from Raleigh to Greenville

So, if for the next couple of weeks I seem a little "out of it", you will know why!

Saturday, September 23

Back to Fl.

Well we made it back home just in time to...GO BACK TO FLORIDA! I have a business meeting with Home Depot on Wednesday. As much as I don't want to travel, I do want to meet with them and optimistic that the meeting will be beneficial.

So I am outta here Tuesday and back on Thursday.

Thursday, September 21

Wednesday, September 20

Well it's official!

Sheila said that our move to N.C. wasn’t done and final until we got N.C. tags on the van…so here you go (for all you Floridians who were wanting us to move back!

Those of you who know me on the computer will recognize the name. To clarify: No I am not bragging about me sinning and no I am not proud of my shortcomings. But I am made prefect through Jesus who died for me! I still sin (so do you), and I pray constantly for strength in my weak areas. Too many people today think Christians are hypocrites when they do something wrong. In reality we (Christians) are not perfect…just forgiven! I never want to lose site of what was done for me (and you) on the cross and my screen-name is a constant reminder.

l8tr g8tr!

Saturday, September 16

Just wanted to say:


Why are they always in Florida?

Ok for those of you who don’t know, I have a job in Florida that has paid the bills for me now 15 years. My brother started a company named M and C Assemblies. Back in 91 we began assembling products for the Home Depots. Our workers go in and assemble the products that you can buy. It’s really a cool job and we pay our techs commission so they have the opportunity to make lots of money. When I felt God calling us to N.C. to work with Discovery I soon learned that he was working on it LONG before that. You see I was the only manager for 50+ stores and worked very hard (sometimes), but before the call to move we set up assistant managers over 12 stores each. This not only made it possible to work from home and to move but it also doesn’t cost our company any more money.

The move to N.C. did bring a drop in pay since my company will not pay for my monthly trips back to Fl. And one day I hope to be able to reduce my M and C responsibilities in order to give more focus to Discovery Church, but for now I am by-vocational.

So now all you blog readers know what I do and why I am in Fl. Thank you all for covering for us while we are gone.

been to long

wow I feel like some of the OTHER pastors that never blog! what 2 weeks now? We we are still in Tampa for a day or 2 and it is crowded here. We are in a 1400 sqft home with 6 adults and 4 kids (and 2 dogs), So quiet is NOT a part of this visit. I know now, a little better, what Pasor Ebeling deals with.

anyway, we gotta run to a b-ball game so I will contiune later.

Saturday, September 2

We're BACK!

the sign is down and we are available...for now :)
We went to Cary N.C. for a few days, and we had a great time. Sheila hit EVERY retail store in towm and some in Raleigh.
We needed the break and the rest.

Tuesday, August 29

The many faces of service!

The ladys waiting to serve

Davey missin his guitar!

I used to like watermelon!

Well, I still do, but I had my share this weekend. We (Discovery Church) went out in force to...“love our neighbors” at the local Watermelon Festivel. We passed out sun screen and bug repellant, set up a baby changing station, offered hand sanitizer (we were set up by the pottiesJ) and had a $100 drawing. It was a good time and the people were looking for a place to donate. They couldn’t believe we didn’t want their money and were there FOR THEM!

The free watermelon was only a short distance away so I made a couple/few/several trips over there to get-me-some. It was GOOOD!

I don’t know how many people showed up at the festival but it was a bunch. We handed out about 1500 bug wipes and 3500 sun screen packets to passer bys. They were thankful and most said they forgot their sun screen at home! They would stop in front of us to apply it to themselves and their kids.

The mothers were grateful we had set up a baby changing station. Though that is misleading, the babies didn’t change all that much…their diapers are what was changed!

Friday, August 25

Sorry, its been awhile

Things are rolling pretty strong and busy since our trip. We are getting ready to go out to the watermelon festival to see how we can serve our community. I will try and get some pictures for you tonight and tomorrow.

And I promise not gross pictures (unlike Pastor Jason and his poo shoe (sounds like a Chinese side dish!)).

We got a “nap mate”. This is Jack Jack. He is a rat…I mean a Rat Terrier that my father gave us. My dad breeds them and has about 11! So we picked this guy. Every time I lay down the climbs up on me and goes to sleep. He does this to builds up energy for his next hyper destructive attack!

Saturday, July 29

Heading your way

We are pulling out about 7:00am Sunday morning, Pray we are safe, gas goes down and speed limits go UP! Sheila and I will take a pasenger from Dustys crew to "lighten his load".

We stoped by our old church tonigh andn saw a bunch of the Awana workers. It was cool and good to see them all. The new commander is doing a great job!!! (better that I ever did! (he fed them!))

We will see ya'll soon, and have a great service in the morning.

P.S. I shure do miss..........BoJangles!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 27

Morning 4

We are just getting out of bed and there is a race to the 2 showers for over 12 people! I think I just saw Dusty push down a teen while trying to beat them to the remaining HOT WATER!!!
Tonight we are hooking up with some teens from Kings Avenue Baptist to hit the beach! These guys need it! We will end the night with a devotion on the beach.

We will see ya'll soon!

Hey Lora, does Jason miss me?

morning 3

Like my new look?

I had a business meeting (it went well) so Dusty and “the crew” did the message today…and I have to say that it was the best one yet. The group leaders told us that the kids were commenting on it and really got a grasp on what God did for us by sending Jesus down to SAVE us. We do have it on tape and will pass it around to small group to see. They basically went through the wordless book colors using tee shirts and acted out each part. Tyler was God, Dusty was Jesus, Chris was the sinner, Shanna was Heaven and Bethany was Growth. GOOD JOB GUYS!

Tonight we are headed to a friend’s pool and barb-b-q to swim, eat and chill out. Pray that we don’t destroy their home!

Morning 2

We love being here, and the people that are serving down here are awesome! They are not just a Sunday School class, they are friends and family to each other. While most Sunday school classes meet only once a week, theses people hand out ALL WEEK LONG. We need some-o-this at every church!

There is NO resemblance in the ubove picture!!!

We had a good 1st day and a GREAT 2nd day! Each day we are doing a color from the wordless book. Monday = Dark = sin (Rom 3:23), Tuesday = Red = Jesus blood takes our sins away (Rom 5:8), Wednesday = White = with Jesus, our sin is gone( 1 John 1:9), Thursday = Gold = Heaven and God are our reward (James 1:5), Friday = Green = We need to grow in the Lord and as Christians (2 Time 2:15). Here are a few pictures.