Friday, April 27


nothing to say, I am just blogging to blog! so Blog Blog Blog Bloggidy blog blog

Monday, April 16

WOW a week without Jason!!!

Man, what am I gonna do! I have the power to CANCEL staff meeting!!! BUT I WILL NOT! I will be a good boy and we will have a meeting. We may do some plotting against him tho! Hey Randy...I got the keys to his truck! Do you have any pink paint? No…How about lime green?

Anyway, We lived through our second week at the Boys & Girls club and there were almost no casualties! We plan on working hard to streamline setup & tear down to help our volunteers as much as possible. We are still getting done in good time but it takes a lot more people.

Tuesday, April 10

Dad helping

As most of you know, my step dad has been battling cancer. The doctors say its terminal but my prayers say "dont give up on a miracle!"

well today, he got out side and helped us pull a barn apart for my grandmother. It was awsome to see him acting like
'Bobby" again. It was very encouraging too.
since I am better with a camera than a keyboard:

Bobby is the one on the tractor

the guy in the way is my uncle "Franky". dont tell him I called him that...its FRANK!

I had Sheila take these pics with my cell phone & this is mom wondering if that is even possible!

Thank God I didnt cut my leg off or fall off the roof! The job went well and I got some 6" x 6" x 14' poles out of it! Now we need to pray for money to build a small deck out back of our home.

Derick Jim & Jason: THATS 2 BLOGS IN A WEEK!!! HHAAAA!

Monday, April 9

Day After Easter

Well...the move is made, sort of! Here are some "re-launch" pics for you all:
yeah, how do you like our pool tables?

our little ones gos some fun stuff:

The music sounded great & people got into it!

The ROCK Rocked!

And everything looked great...for a basketball court!


Tuesday, April 3

End of a great theme

We had a great time with "Back to the Basics" and we are going to miss it!!! Time to invade another series!

Jason missed me SOOO much

he went crazy & started foaming at the mouth!!!