Wednesday, September 24

Sorry it has been awhile.

I have not really felt much like blogging lately. Oh do not get me wrong, there is plenty to say. I just have not felt like saying it.

I have been spending a lot of time in the garden lately, the garden of Eden to be precise. No, I have not been there, sorry. But I have been dwelling there in my mind... allot.

You see, Eve was put in the garden for a reason and she had everything and everyone she needed. But she turned her attention to a distraction. A simple, harmless (almost) serpent. She gave him her full attention thus turning from God who longed to walk with her and talk to her. She wasn't focused on her Husband or her God. She was distracted. And really that is all it takes to go down the wrong path, a distraction. We get distracted when something or someone becomes more interesting to us than the ones who truly matter (think about a kid at school looking out the window to the playground instead of listening to the teacher).

So my question to Eve (myself and all my friends) is this: Why, when you have access to a loving caring God, do we spend time considering the serpent? What does that snake have that our Creator dose not? What makes him so appealing? I admit that I have turned my back on God and engaged and humored the serpent way to often. And so have you! But I still do not know why.

It begins with the consideration. When we turn our focus away from God we open up and invite trouble. So my prayer is to simple stay focused on God and the task He has for me.

Friday, September 19

Good-by Grand-dad

He passed away thursday morning and we are now in Florida for the funeral on Monday. Everyone is fine and all of the arrangements are made. He was 89 years old and has been ready to "go home" since his wife passed away a few years ago. One thing is for sure.. He loved the Lord! He listened to the Bible on cd all the way through several times every week! He used to read but his sight was bad so the cds took the place and then some.

It will be good to see everyone this week. We will be back by next weekend.

I will check in a little more as the week goes on, later!

Tuesday, September 16

sitting here

on the third floor of our cabin in Blairsville Ga. The cabin is getting bigger by the minute. We started with 4 couplesand before we eve got here one couple had to drop out. After day one Sheila's grandfathers health turned so Aunt and Uncle number two had to leave to go check on Grand-dad. So not its Sheila & me and her parents in a huge cabin in the mountains. There is a chance that her parents will have to head back to Fl. to be with Grand-dad and unfortunately for us, We may have to go there soon. He is 89 and refuses medical help, He is more than ready to meet Jesus. So we are waiting on Sheila's aunt to "feel out" the situation to see how long he may have. If things are bad Sheila's parents will go back to Fa. to be with him also. That leaves just us in a huge cabin!

Well enough of that. This place sure in pretty. There is nothing to do around here and I love that! No jem mining, shops of authentic (made in china) mountains souvenirs, No sliding rocks, just relaxing. We played pool, made a human broth in the jacuzzi and even made a fire (outside) for marshmallows. We did find a rib place that rocked some dead pig big-time!!! (ummm pork, it's not just for breakfast anymore!!!)

We miss the kids at church and the youth and we even miss the grown ups that act like kids and youth! We will be back soon. Pray for grand-dad. See ya'll in a few.

Sunday, September 14

Up in the mountains!

and it is awesome. We are really just relaxing and enjoying the view. Our cabin is facing the mountains and surrounded by trees.

BUT there is one problem... DSL!!! I really miss my broadband internet! This stuff is mega slow and takes forever. Nope, I don't like it. Don't like it at all!

So we got all week here and head home on Friday. I will try to keep you all posted.

thats all for now.

Monday, September 8

Sunday ROCKED!!!

This week had to be our best ever. We had a ton of people come to church and I know we had a lot of 1st time guest because I got to meet a few. The music sounded great and the band and sound tech guys were awesome. Children's church was a blast, we had a ton of fun and learn some things in all of it. Man I pray we get somebody to lead some kids worship real soon. Right now they are going into big church for music and, well, there is no room for them in there!! That is a great problem to have. Youth was just over 21 teens and some of our leaders stepped up to star a small group during the week. God is AWESOME, but you know that!

Oh by the way, Chia Pastor is getting kinda out of hand!!!! Check it out

Thursday, September 4

Chia update

The chia pastor is coming along nicely. I had to run out and get more seeds today. We have had (at this posting) 260 people contribute to Jason's fuzziness. You do not have to click refresh because chia plants do not grow that fast. You can check back each do to see how much it has grown. But here is the progress so far:

Remember, to contribute a few seeds, just visit the site. The next day there should be some growth. Here is the site again

Wednesday, September 3

Fuzzy pastor

So Randy and I have noticed that we possibly got the hairiest pastor we have ever seen. He is really fuzzy! So this week at staff meeting we nick named him "Chia pastor". And in honor or him I have created a site that we can all visit to watch his hair grow. I will deposit seeds on him with every Hit Count that the page gets. Each morning I will check the counter and see how many people have visited. Then for each and every one, I will ad more seeds. Lets see how fuzzy he can really be!!!!

Visit HERE to start adding Hits!

so I haven't posted in awhile

My fans miss me so here I post:
Since my last blog not too much has been blog worthy. Well We did have a 4 minute sermon this week, so I guess that should make it up here. We have been talking about fasting and we ended the series with a challenge to go home and REST, STOP working and remember God. We were not sure how the people would take it but we got a ton of comments on how much "we needed that!" We had 4 or so songs and Pastor Jason (chia pastor from now on due to his fuzziness) came out and did a quick wrap up of what we have been talking about and then sent us al home for a sabbath.

Other than that we are getting ready to go to the mountains in a week of so. It should be very relaxing and unlike all of our other trips, we actually have money set aside for this one. I am looking forward to it BIG TIME.

I also sold my little hot rod truck last week, for the first time in 10+ years, I don't have to spend money on it, nothing needs fixing and it's not rusting out in my yard. I will miss not having a gas guzzeling fast car but I am sure I will find something to replace the void in my garage.

well, this qualifies as a blog so consider yourself updated for now!