Friday, July 31


If you, your religion or your understanding of God's word put's your god in a box, you may just find your a box!

God spent most of the Old and the New Testament proving that WE DON'T know diddly about Him. His thoughts are not our thought and His ways are not our ways.
Don't ever limit our creator by your understanding. God is more powerful, more loving and more forgiving than we could ever imagine.

When Mary (with Jesus in her womb) came into Elizabeths room, John (in Elizabeth's womb) jumped! Even unborn, John was amazed at Jesus and from what I can tell, he never stopped being amazed by Him. When was the last time you have been amazed by God's presence?

Wednesday, July 29

God is Amazing, His people arn't bad either!

Sheila, my mother and myself are in Brandon (edge of Tampa) at the hospital where my brother Tony is being kept. He isn't off the machines yet but any and every report has been an improvement.
I posted here and on my facebook and I am blow away at how many people are praying and offering us help. I just went through all of the comment with my niece.

Thank you everyone for praying and stopping by. We love you all and it really helps knowing that you are all out there pulling for us. Keep it up.

Brother down

So today we were at Kings Dominion with our youth-group and mid afternoon I get a call that my middle brother, Tony, has has a pretty bad heart attack. Needless to say, my day changed drastically. at of this post Tony is still in a coma. Sheila, my Mom and myself will be on a 7:00am flight (thanks Cliff & Dixie) out of Raleigh and into Tampa by 8:30am. We thank everyone for their prayers. God is still God and He alone is in control.

Tony is at the Brandon hospital for now, I will try to keep everyone updated.
Personally trusting in a God Glorifying miracle!

Friday, July 24

Greatest song ever:

Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord kumbaya
Someone's crying my Lord, kumbaya
Someone's crying my Lord, kumbaya
Someone's crying my Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord kumbaya

STOP repeating yourself! I bought the book already!

This is my book grip number 2!
So I am reading along at a blazing pace of one page an hour and off to the side my eye catches some bold text, it looks important, it must be, after all, it is bold! So I stop mid paragraph to find out what the author thought was so important that she/he should interrupt my reading with, only to find out it is repeating something I already read at the top of that very page!!! What gives? Are you on a word quota or something?
Now, I am sure it is there because potential buys will flip through the pages to see what the book is about because the back doesn't tell us anything about the book!
But is is there and here is the problem: the minute I decide not to read those captions because they are a repeat, they will surely insert an amazingly insightful comment that is not a repeat, and I will miss the best part of the book.
For the record Anne Jackson, your Mad Church Disease book hand nothing but new and informative captions and they were a great addition to the book.

Join be later when I blog about incredibly long sentences (Getting Things Done)!

Thursday, July 16

Just a good passage;

Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears out burdens.

Our God is a God who saves; from the Sovereign Lord comes escape from death.

That's Psalm 68:19&20

Monday, July 13

help, I'm stuck!

this batdog has issues!

Crazy busy week coming up!

We have a few fun trips with the teen this week on top of all my regular work. I have 3 messages to work on for this week alone and I am sure there is going to be a staph-meeting in there somewhere.

Most of it will be fun but it will be a busy one so I will stop blogging and get back to work.

p.s. please pray for a friend that is telling his church that he is called to plant a church. That they will be kingdom focused and even support him in this.

Friday, July 10


I have determined that buying books is strictly for people who know what books they want to buy! I don't give a rip (whatever that means!) about who forwarded your book I just want to know what the book is about. Don't give me a bunch of hoop-la about how much impact this book made on you or your team, don't tell me how this is the best, most helpful book you have ever read, JUST TELL ME WHAT THE STUPID BOOK IS ABOUT!

I was at Barnes and Nobles with my wonderful wife. I decided I needed something new to read so I started browsing. I would see an interesting title (which rarely gives you any idea what the book is about) and I would turn it over to get, what I thought, the description of the books contents. Only to find a whole back cover filled with something like this:
"_____ ______ is a seasoned minister, writer, and bloger, she has the talent, she has the message"
"an instant classic, _______ ______ has used a disarmingly direct, totally honest approach to make something perfectly clear."
"I read ____ _____ for comfort and pleasure many years ago, and a glance into the books revives my old admiration."
and one more
"A must read. it is inspirational, it is practical, and it has the potential to revolutionize."
But none of them told me what the book is about. This burns my bubble. Just spill the beans people! If you want me to buy your book, tell me what is in the book!

Can you imagine if other stuff, like food, was sold this way? "Man, I don't have a clue what this is but a bunch of people on the back of the box sure like it!"

AND while I am complaining: if you can say it in 30 pages.......DON'T USE 200 PAGES TO SAY IT! My time is valuable, I don't read to relax, I read to learn. Reading is work for some of us so please point me to the "efficient book section" and I will buy a book and be on my way.

"this blog post was the most impacting thing I read all day" Claude F. Cannon
"never before has a post been so on track and meaningful, a must read." Joe D.K. Diddely
"this post is an all time truth, it changed the way I think" Dr. Move Ondown
"I've never read something so clear and powerful, this blog post changed my perspective on everything" -- Dr. Mr. Ay Thin Kiknowitall

Monday, July 6

nutti'n cute about it!

So for some unknown reason I got Sheila a "puppy" for her Birthday. Now puppies are normally cute. Well not this one! I am not one who goes by default, something is not cute just because it is tiny! You have to earn the right to be cute! And looking like some kind of rat/bat crossbred doesn't count as cute. But fret not, most un-cute babies grow up to be the prettiest adults so there is hope here. But for now: cute it is not! Judge for yourself:

the ears are simi-transparent, what the heck are those gray spots over the eyes? This thing is a destructive freak of nature!

Cute is NOT contagious either: the insertion of a cute stuffed animal dose not cute make!!!

ok rat/bat fetus looking thing!

I will put up with this mess of a puppy ONLY because I love my wife!

Sunday, July 5

Back in the norm

Ok I had my break and now the pastor had his, so now we can get back to normal. Things have been really out of wack with all of the schedule swapping and junk.

Sometimes I just cannot wait to get stuff done and to punch out a list. Even though there wil always be more, checking stuff off as done feels so productive.

Btw, the worship music was great this morning! We had A very simple set-up and just 3 people leading us in song. It was amazing to say the least. You should have been there.

Thursday, July 2

Band Practice

So our music leader has stepped down and is looking to get out into the world. This left a hole in our band. Now know this: I have no musical talent at all! But I am on staff and we do what we must. So I started going to band practice. And let me tell you, last night God moved in a huge way. I will not say too much but there will be a surprise this Sunday.

So be ready to worship God and receive from him!

Wednesday, July 1

Good morning

Middle of the week and it has been a good one. God is good, He loves me, died for me, rose and now prepares a place for me. What else could I possibly need?
As you finish off your week remember the price that was paid for you sins. Remember that God loves you and gave everything for you.