Monday, March 15

Great Weekend and Already Excited About This Coming up Weekend!!!

Ok, so things are slowing down just a bit before they really get crazy with Greenville's Largest Easter Egg Hunt in a few weeks. But this past Sunday was great. I love seeing all of Discovery people and their kids. We had a blast reviewing everything we learned over the past 5 weeks. The kids did great and remembered a lot of stuff about cool Bible people like Adam, Moses, Balaam, Samuel and Paul. The room was full of excitement and fun. I especially love my Teen Helpers that make everything happen each week. Then to top off a great day we went to Crosslink youth group and fed them pizza, told them the Gospel and played some games. Just plain cool that this is my job!!!

Now I am looking forward to this coming weekend already! Egg Hunt meeting on Saturday (and I am in charge!) Then Set-up in the evening with the coolest, hardest working church body I have ever seen. On Sunday I can't say too much but I think that there may be some graffiti ("tagging" for you gangsters out there) while we learn about Daniel 5 and God writing on the wall. This kids will have a blast and I will too!

On a personal note: we got our truck running and are working on getting a car fixed. I am excited about having running cars and no payments! Just need some time and for good old N.C. to let go of my tax refund! I should charge them a late fee!!!

Thats all, back to "work" for me now.

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