Monday, July 4

The redeeming tide

Sitting on the beach in the early morning and all of yesterday's footprints and sand castles are gone. No sign or trace that they were ever here. No amount of offending footprints can withstand the redemptive power of the tide and the wind. Like our sins and the power of Jesus blood. Not a trace. To God, we are a smooth beach, a fresh canvas every day-every minute.

If God has wiped away our sins, why do we keep taking them back? It's one thing to sin but a another thing to let that forgiven sin beat us down and hold
Us back as if it wasn't forgiven. I pray that we can start seeing the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ like the tide and wind. As soon as the sand is disturbed, the beach goes to work restoring it. And it is always successful. The work is done, let start acting like it.