Wednesday, January 13

Serving the servers

This Sunday was huge for Greenville N.C. because we got a new church! Ignite launched after months of preparation and Discovery got to come out in 14 degree weather a 6am to help them set up and to pray for them. We had about 35 people out there and over half of them were our youth. Yes teens can get up at 5:30 and be somewhere by 6am!

BTW they are praying not sleeping... most of them anyway! But hey, where were you and what did you have done by 8am last Sunday?

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Sheila said...

A quote from a fb friend who goes to Ignite:

"The youth from Discovery seem to know more ab what it means to be Christ than most of the pastors I've met. Thanks so much you guys. It means more than you know!"... Sun at 6:22am via Facebook for iPhone