Wednesday, August 27

14 years TODAY

I guess about this time 14 years ago, I was putting on a tux and leaving the ring at home before our big day.
Right before the pastor took me out to the sanctuary on that day, we were in a little waiting area. The pastor jokingly told me I had two choices and he pointed to the two doors: one leading to the stage where we would be married and the other to the exit door. He said, that either choice would drastically change my life. My choice remains unfaltered and I have NEVER looked back to wander what door number two would hold for me. It is obvious to those who know me which door I picked.

Today is out 14th wedding anniversary and I still feel like newlyweds most of the time. There is nobody I had rather hang with and do things with than Sheila. Some people think we are a little "clingy" and I am ok with that. Mainly because Sheila is the only one I have promised to grow old with. She will be there no matter what. Not true with a lot of other people in life. Friends come and friends go. I pray we all have life long friends (I happen to marry mine). But people move away , hobbies change, believes change and life happens. I pray that all of you find or have found a mate that fits you as well as Sheila fits me.

So here, to celebrate our anniversary, is a look back at the big day that led to a bigger life:

"hey, why is everyone laughing while I kiss my bride???"

Oh, by the way, to those who think we are too touchy feelie, I ask you this: What would it be like for your spouse to let you lay your head in their lap and rub your hair until your headache is gone? Or how about an hour long foot rub after being on them all day? Yeah, I get both! so I will take touchy feelie any day!!!

Thank you Sheila for giving me an indescribable marriage and a wonderful life!!!!

Wednesday, August 20

Power of small groups

I cannot say enough about small groups, everyone should be in one. Discovery has been doing small groups since we started and we will continue. One of the major things that we have notice is a huge change in the lives of the members. Below is one of our longest standing small groups, and as you can see, the longer you are together, the more you resemble each other!

click on the picture to see the resemblance!

My prayer is that everyone can experience what the Dixion group has experienced!!!

yeah it's rap... Wanna make something of it?

Kinda hittin hard but a great message:

Check this last verse:
If I could write to every kid that out there
Every kid thats hurting feels like nobody cares
I would tell them that god can wipe away every tear
And he's right near and i would say it quite clear
Your here for a reason you're not a mistake
you are a special creation that God himself made
To the victims of abuse to every girl that was raped
You can live and be free from your pain
And find strength and no longer be ashamed
You can find peace and hope in Jesus name
You ain't gotta live with this hurt everyday
Christ came to give you life in a much better way
To every kid right now that's full of hate
And bitterness I'd tell em just to give it all away
To the one that came to take all the blame
That's what I'd write here's what I'd say

Monday, August 18

most awesome wedding ever

A while ago we went to Davey and Janelles wedding and I have to say it was moving, I didn't cry! I don't care what you heard!!! But it was a true honor to be there mainly because of this:

I don't think they EVER sounded better!!!

Thursday, August 14

My official apology

To Jason and Randy:
I am sorry for my bad attitude lately. I have be very rebellious about almost everything from icc (pastors conference) to an associational luncheon to a book that we are to be reading. I don’t know why. I think this is just a new attack on me from satan or something. I have just been way too negative.

So Jason, Sorry! I will try to control my negativity and rebelliousness. Half of my problem is that I talk too fast and think too slow. I know these books, meetings, classes and conferences will help me do my job more effectively. I will try not to make any more bad comments on our latest read and even though it is not one of the 66, I will read it and try my best to get something out of it.

And Randy, I am sorry for constantly butting in on you. It seems you leave little breaks in your sentences and I try to slip in there way to often. Thank you for your patients and for not poking me in the eye for being rude. Your ideas and input are GREAT and we need them. Also forgive me for constantly tearing down the new book we are to read. By doing this, I am sure that I am giving it a negative vibe. And that doesn’t help you to want to read it. The book isn’t a best seller for no reason.

I am sorry and I feel like the south end of a donkey for the way I have been acting. Keep me in check and don’t let me act the fool for so long.

I am also sorry for making your jobs harder, thats NOT what I am here for.

For those of you who don’t know me or what I am talking about here, forgive me, But maybe God brought you here for a reason. Maybe it’s time for you to do a gut check to see how your attitude has been. If it’s been as poor as mine then I will pray for you and me at the same time, If you have a good attitude, send me some pointers to my comment section.

Here comes the pool!!!

Ok, maybe not a pool but while the water company was out here with that dozer, I sure did try to get them to dig me one!

We have this underground drain pipe in going through our back yard and we have been getting holes. 6"-8" by 6' deep. Well I never called them but they showed up to fix them anyway. They just poured concrete in them after digging them out a little.
They were kind enough to leave me some extra dirt to fill in some of my dog holes.

Wednesday, August 13

Wow, last week was crazy busy

It seemed like form Wednesday on, we were going all over the place doing all kinds of things. We had so much to do that we totally crashed after church on Sunday. This week is a little better even tho we are doing a good bit of stuff, it seems more spread out. I an bummed about this weeks service project because I will not be much help to them. We are going to ECU to move in the new students. Our goal is to not have them cary a single box. I cannot help because my heel is killing me from last week. I don't even know If I should be standing on it much less caring boxes up 4 flights of stairs. So pray that we have a great turn out and that they will not even need me.

Later gator

Wednesday, August 6

Hair gone by-by

Saturday I got up and wanted to cut my hair. It hasn't been cut for close to a year. People keep asking me "what made you cut it?" well, no reason, It wasn't for world piece, someone's salvation or some worthy cause. It wasn't for Locks of Love either. I would have done that but nobody wants old gray hair. So we headed to Fantastic Sams where Emily did a great job (go see her, she does great) I had it cut and colored and I like the cut ok but I probably will never color it again (at least not "normal" color :)) The cool thing about your hair is that it's not your problem, It's everyone else's. They are the ones that has to look at it. I only seen my hair a few times a day.

So here are the mug shot (as my mom calls it):

So, tell me what you think?

Monday, August 4

It's my Birthday!!!

you would think that with iCal, outlook, plaxo and a blackberry leading the way, that our wonderful Pastor could get my birthday correct! But noooo, he put in the bulletin that TODAY is my b-day. It's next week! don't make me any older than I already am Jason. So I get a call today, from a great family, to make sure we are home. When they get here, they have a cake and card for me. They were sweating to get it to me TODAY since their spiritual leader announced it. So needless to say they could have waited a few but hey... I got cake!!! And I am going to eat it like it IS my b-day!!!