Monday, July 26


Ok, this is my first official work day after camp. I brought back a vicious cold but better me than one of my Link’rz. It didn’t really set in until the last day so it didn’t mess up the experience.

The Teens have huge momentum going and I think every one of them experienced God in their own way. I know I did. I am looking forward to seeing how God will use each one of them in the neat future. I encourage you to ask them what they experienced. God really moved through a simple thing like raising a hand in worship. I have an awesome story of how that simple act came back to Greenville and ministered to a father of one of our teens. Way to go guys!

Last night at Crosslink You Ministry, even though I was sick, God still moved through some awesome worship, a good (and simple) message and of course pizza! I enjoyed seeing Lauren again, who beast some v-ball, and of course our mexican duo: Leo and Omar. You all rock and make Crosslink a place others want to be.

I am praying for a meeting with South Central High School’s new principal. I want to introduce myself and ask her for her one prayer for the 2011 school year at her new school. Then we Link’rz will start praying for that.

Ok, thats enough for now, time to either: take a nap or get some work done....hmmmm?

Thank you for allowing me to serve!

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