Boys & Girls Club Vaules

To enable all young people,
especially those who need us most,
to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Boys & Girls Clubs Code
I believe in God and the right to worship according to my own faith and religion.
I believe in America, the American way of life, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
I believe in fair play, honesty and sportsmanship.
I believe in my Boys & Girls Club which stands for these things.

To America's Youth:
To provide a safe, positive place and have a significant impact on their lives.
To the Nation:
To uphold high ethical standards in all areas, especially in overseeing our finances, reporting data on membership and community outreach, being good stewards of the donor dollar and representing ourselves to the public.

We envision a future in which the Boys & Girls Club Movement is a catalyst for an age in which success is within reach of every child, and whole generations of children are inspired to a level of civic engagement not seen since the founding of our nation.
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