Monday, February 19

Back in Tampa

I am back in Tampa for work again. My secular job has a few issues that require some gentle hands on from me. I need to be here for the whole week. I had much rather be at home avoiding staff meetings. Anyhow, gotta pay the bills so here I am.

I am hoping that the “away from norm” will help me catch up on a few things after work. I will be staying at the in-laws for most of the week.

Pray that We can get some good dependable help and that we can not only catch up but actually get ahead for this busy this busy season.

Friday, February 2

The count down

Ok, for those of you who think church people are boring. I have been able to squeeze a little "Claude time" out of my busy schedule and got out in the garage to work on "the truck". If you haven't seen it, it is a 410 horse power s-10 that I build/am building. we towed it up here from Fl. cause it wasn't running and at 4mpg we couldn't drive it if it was running! Well I actual drove it 2 weeks ago, its not done but getting close. I am planning on tagging it this week and getting this thing on the road.

I really want this thing driving soon so feel free to stop by and turn a few bolts :)
btw; I found the best way to get that "Claude time" is avoiding staff meetings! It works well, you should try it! (he thinks I have been out of town :) )

OK STOP TEASEING US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I mean a lot! not this little teasing we get here.

I know what you are thinking: Sheila sure seems ok with the little bit of snow we had...yeah but she is a floridian and hasnt seen much in the first place.

come on we need feet not inches! I want the kids out of school kinda snow!