Monday, October 4

the happenings!

This will be an amazing week! On Wendesday we are headed to Atlanta Ga. to the were we will hear from some of the best speakers about leadership in Gods church. THis will be our 4th year and somehow every year is better than the last. Pray that we learn and apply what we hear there.

The R.O.C.K.

In our Children's Church, we just finished our Amazing Race series and are headed into Assembly Required. This will be a walk through James and I am excited to start the journey with the greatest kids ever! We average about 20 kids and 5 teens to help. At this time Sheila and I are the only adults working directly with the k-6th graders. Our teens are a great help and get the job done but we really want to start look toward and planning for what God is going to do with the R.O.C.K. here at Discovery Church. Stay tuned for updates.


Our youth continue to blow me away. They love Jesus, they share with their friends and they keep inviting classmates to church! This past weekend we got to do the youth message from the stage. We all sat up on stage and had a good time digging into God’s perfect Word. We learned and re-learned a lot about Jesus Christ last night! We are averaging about 32 teens each week. Pray that they will walk the walk so that when they talk the talk, people will listen.

So this week alone I had the chance to share with over 50 kids/teen about God’s perfect love and His son Jesus as a payment for our sins. I know numbers don’t really matter but in the “50 there were 50 “1’s” that got to hear about God! The “1” matters so that makes the 50 matter! I pray for more and I believe for more.

Thats all for now, I love my church and I love my 2 blog readers! You all are awesome!

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Grandma Strickland said...

So glad you are having so many teens coming. At FishHawk we have 60 3 - 4 yr olds enrolled in Cubbies and another 11 in Puggles (2's & young 3's). That puts us over 200 club-wide. Quite a challenge and our Commander will be moving to Germany in January!