Wednesday, January 19

Thank You for Blessing me!

I am sitting here feeling nothing less than blessed. How did I wind up here? I have 50+ teens and 25+ kids in my life that totally make my week, every week. Each and ever one of them have a spot in my heart. I hurt when they hurt, I am happy when they smile. These teens/kids make a difference in my life. They bring me joy and that is the best I could hope for.

If you are reading this and you are one of my ROCK’rz or one of my Link’rz: I am talking about you. I know you think I am here to serve you and the church but you all pour so much into me that sometimes I think you are the ministers. As I write this I am picturing your faces, your smile, how much you have grown and how much I am going to miss you when I cant see you each week. I don’t know how you really feel about yourself but I do know that you matter so much to Sheila and I. Rarely does an hour go buy that one of us isn’t talking about you.

I love what I do, I love being able to be with you all and you are a blessing from God to us. THANK YOU!

Wednesday, January 12

yeah, Im still here...

Just want you all to know I still "intend" to update this blog but I put so much up on Facebook that when I come over here, I don't have anything to post :(

Are blogs dead? I don't know but when I have more to say than FB will allow, I will jump over here to post it.

Other than that: Life is great! Sheila is awesome, my family is great and I am still loving serving under Pastor Jason Ebeling at Discovery Church.

So I am thanking and praising God for anther great beginning to a great year.