Friday, July 16

Here a week, Gone a week.

For the past few weeks Sheila and I have been in and out of town regularly.
First, as we were trying to plan a relaxing get away, Sheila's grandmother passed away and we headed down to Fl. for a week to be with family. This wasn't as relaxing as a vacation but it was nice to see some friends and family while we were there. I really enjoyed hanging out with my brothers and with Sheila's Family.

Then it was back home for a week.

After that we got invited to join the Thurnau's on their family/anniversary get away to the outter banks. Wow, it was amazing! We have never spent any time outside of church with Karen and Steve so we really had no idea how fun they are. We had a blast with them. I got to take some crazy long walks on the beach (one of which was 6 miles) to just think about God and love Him some.

Now we are back home for a week.

But Monday morning, we head off to camp with the amazing Crosslink teens for a whole week. Again, not a vacation but it will be great. I look forward to spending a whole week in worship with these 20 people. Pray God rocks all of our worlds.

I have enjoyed getting away but I am kinda looking forward to getting back into my routine. I am kinda tired of doing two weeks of work every week to stay ahead.

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