Wednesday, October 20


Wow, I am feeling really blessed at this time in my life. Especially with our Crosslink youth. They kids are rocking my world. I do believe I am learning more from them than they ever do from me. They just seem to get it! I mean when the majority of people at church early are youth, what is going on? They are not only coming to church but they seem to want to be there and without their parents. When do you get teens choosing to be at church Sunday morning and then coming back for youth that night!

I have to thank "Big Church" for creating an environment that teens can feel welcome and to Jason for preaching to them and not over them.

After that, I must thank my "regulars" who just keep inviting their friends. You guys and gals rock! You are making a difference in your school.

And last but definitely not least, my Wife Sheila who constantly supports me and loves these kids so much. If you have ever experienced this kind of support, you know what I am talking about. I get it constantly! Sheila has served at my side in EVERY ministry I have been in since we got married. She is at my side and in my heart. No matter how crazy my ideas are, she is on board.

THANK YOU ALL! You all have a part in my life.

Only by Jesus saving grace can I even attempt this. He and He alone has filled my cup!

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david_hatton said...

Loved the blog, it is beautifully written. I'm a regular reader. it is good to see some people still have christian values, and as a reborn christian it is so fantastic to read your blog.

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