Tuesday, February 24

Too Cool

The creator of the Commandment iphone wallpapers below actually contacted me and posted the missing Commandment! Their site is full of inspirational art and even some video. Go check out the wallpapers to put up on your computer to remind you of a God that loves you and is there for you.

Props to cool artist who love the Lord!!!

Saturday, February 21

Cool Commandments

I found these on this site and think they are great. I put them into one picture and there is one missing. Can you figure out which one it is? 

Wednesday, February 18


This is Jack Jack and Bruno. I don't think Bruno has realized how close Jack Jack is or else he would be eating him!

Bruno is now an official  part of Crosslink. We made survival bracelets for each of our Crosslink teens for Christmas. This one was too big for one of the teen girls so I gave it to Bruno. BTW a survival bracelet is made of about 10ft of 550 para-cord that can be unwound in an emergence to use however you need.

Here is how He sits! He backs up to the couch and puts his but on it! I am not brave enough to tell him is isn't a human.

Monday, February 16

New Puppy

This little guy is 8 months old. Don't ask me why I got another dog, I really don't want the ones I have. So far Jack Jack isn't playing very well with "Bruno" but Dip Stick has established Alpha Dog.

He is not as big as he looks... if you are used to horses!
Look at those paws!
Dip Stick now knows how Jack Jack feels being small.
yeah, that is not Bruno's bowl, he eats out of a bucket on the back porch.
And don't you just love the fact that we color coordinate our dogs and our home?

If I was coach!

If you know me, you know I am not a sprots kind a guy.

Worst photographer luck in the world

This is something that would happen to my Mother-in-law!

Saturday, February 14

v-day run around wide up

I had a great day with the woman of my dreams. We have circled eastern NC and documented it with pictures. I will post them when I can. But now we are going to sleep so we will be rested for Second Saturday Service and Setup that night. Thank you for following along on our little journey.

Friday, February 13

v-day run around pt 5

we are headed home now but are taking a little driving break. We are on the Minnesott ferry that connects Cherry point to Minnesott. Its about 35 minutes across the Neuse River. We have been on it before and it is very relaxing.

v-day run around pt 4

We are now on atlantic beach taking a little stroll in the sand. It's dark and a little chilly but we are snuggled pretty good, I am looking for a good place to sit and talk for a while. It is very dark and there are no people to be seen.

v-day run around pt 3

Skating! Yes skating, we are now at Sports-world in Morehead city. Now to you skating may not be a V-day thang or very romantic, but we spent a lot of time at rinks early in our relationship. We will stay here for at leas one couple skate and Sheila.
I now have to find someone to take our picture that will not steal our camera!!!

NOPE, SCRATCH THIS ONE! THE RINK HAS BEEN CLOSED DOWN!!!! And I could not convince Sheila to do any street skating.

v-day run around pt 2

We are now at Jacksonville mall for some pretzels! Sheila loves her some pretzels and we need to kill a few minutes for the next stop.

V-day run around pt 1

We are now at a place called "the cliffs of the neuse" it is just south of Kinston and is beautiful. I am sure its better in the summer but I kind of like it this time of year.
We will eat here on the grounds, walk around and take some pictures to post.

V-day run around

Today I am taking my wonderful wife to some of my favorite spots. We will be picnicking for all of our meals in deferent locations
We have a blanket, food and snakes, drinks and the camera.
We are not driving to the first spot, check back in a few to find out where we will be.

Thursday, February 12

Tomorrow is our VDAY

We have setup on saturday and thats just not romantic. So we are v-daying it Friday. I have timmed post that will appear at about the time we are at each location we are going to. So check back throught the day for updates on our day long date. Pictures will be following but not untill we get home that evening (or Sat morning ;).
Nothing crazy and nothing expensive, just a day out with my girlfriend, best friend and wife.

Greensprigs is now on Google street veiw!

View Larger Map

If you don't know what Google street view is, go to google maps and type in your address. If the little window pointing to your location has a picture in it, click on "street view" right under that. you can "walk" around with the mouse.

If you don't know what Greensprings is...your too old! take a Friday off work this summer and come with Crosslink teens to find out for yourself!!!

Wednesday, February 11

PC tech blog part 2

this is a short blog series on computers, how to fix them and what is wrong with them.
Are you the guy that ALWAYS seems to have computer issues?
Even if you get a brand new one?
Do you have problems with cell phones not working right?
If this is you, I am here to tell you why:

Some people have a physical condition that can actually interfere with electronics.

It is a simple condition know as hair, that's right, hair. I have a friend (no names to protect the fuzzy) who has all of the above problems. I have even see simple electronics like flashlights stop working when he is near. The hair, when with to much accumulation, will actually create a EMP field that can and will interrupt electric currents.
While there are solutions like waxing, shaving and even laser hair removal, you will find that most victims will do nothing to cure their problems. Instead the bask in denial and deal with the device problems. May time calling people not effected with this symptom to see if they can help get things running again.

The below image is a little graphic and parental guidance may be required, but here is a severe case if the described aliment:

Monday, February 9

Our Youth Group Crosslink

they think they are ping pong balls!!!

Some of them could pass!

This week at the R.O.C.K.

We had a blast this week. We have been using clips form the movie Horton Hears a Who to teach the kids that everyday things can remind us of God and the Bible. This week we talked about sacrifice and how we can/shouldn't always do just what WE want to do. The kids seem to like this series and they seen to be getting it.

How to fix a Windows Laptop

ok, we have all had problems with our PC's. Some crash, some just go slow, others got some nasty viruses on them. Well I seem to have a gift for fixing them and I want to share the wealth.
So today I am showing you all how to fix that Windows Laptop that keeps crashing (this tip works for other Windows problems also) So lets get started:

Step 1) get your broken Laptop, turn it off:

Step 2) have a Mac friend (who feels sorry for you because you have a pc) to print a screenshot of their desktop:
(it may need to be resized smaller to fit)

Step 3) take some 2 sided tape from the wife's scrapbook stuff (ask her first):

Step 4) place tape on printed Mac desktop picture:

Step 5) Position the image on your laptop screen (get it nice and straight)

We are almost done, it is running better already

Step 6) ask that same Mac friend for one of the Apple stickers that came with any of his Apple products: (once again, his sympathy for you will make him generous)

Place the Apple sticker over the Dell logo on the laptop lid (should work on Hp, Gateway, Sony, E, and more):
(once again, be carful to get it straight and centered)

ALL DONE, you will never see that blue screen of death again (unless you reverse step 1-6) Your Laptop will thank you, your friends will envy you and life in general will be stress free.

Sunday, February 8

this post has two titles:

"Yeap, that's where we came from!"
"The perfect food for men AND women!"

you must check out this link!
I don't know if I should be discussed or planning a trip to Florida!!!
That is the most gross thing I have ever desired!!! Wonderfully disgusting! I just have to have some but how dare you try to sell that junk to me!!!

maybe if Sheila licks the chocolate and then gives me the bacon?

Monday, February 2

The numbers, cause they ain't in the bulletin!!!

For those of you who don't know: We do not post our weekly numbers in our weekend bulletin. I post them here for anyone who wants to know. The numbers really don't matter (as shown by my my lack of updates) but reaching people for God does matter! So we kinda need to know how we are doing. Well this week we had a ton of people and we only had 38 chairs left! That is a great problem to have. Jason did a great job preaching and I think people are/were challenged. Sheila and I had a whole bunch of kids in children's church and I had to pull some extra workers out of big church. While I love working with any number of kids, it seems the energy level increases with more numbers.

Attendance 02/01/09 was 266 and offering was $5390.87
OK WHATS UP WITH 24 first time guest and 9 second timers!?!
I am pretty sure this is our highest attendance yet
Attendance 01/25/09 was 204 and offering was $2014.02
Attendance 01/18/09 was 162 and offering was $2513.10
Attendance 01/11/09 was 189 and offering was $4001.12
Attendance 01/04/09 was 152 and offering was $3430.03
Attendance 12/28/08 was 90 and offering was $3932.00
Attendance 12/21/08 was 121 and offering was $2562.36
Attendance 12/14/08 was 147 and offering was $3295.94
Attendance 12/07/08 was 156 and offering was $3157.00
Attendance 11/30/08 was 127 and offering was $4355.00
Attendance 11/23/08 was 160 and offering was $2560.15
Attendance 11/16/08 was 182 and offering was $5271.00
Attendance 11/09/08 was 174 and offering was $3190.12
Attendance 11/02/08 was 161 and offering was $6944.35
Attendance 10/26/08 was 161 and offering was $2149.94
Attendance 10/19/08 was 176 and offering was $3369.00
Attendance 10/12/08 was 152 and offering was $2447.66
Attendance 10/05/08 was 150 and offering was $5768.25
Attendance 09/28/08 was 162 and offering was $2661.00
Attendance 09/21/08 was 179 and offering was $3337.00
Attendance 09/14/08 was 153 and offering was $2211.00
Attendance 09/07/08 was 219 and offering was $5109.00
Attendance 08/24/08 was 238 and offering was $3008.50
Attendance 08/17/08 was 193 and offering was $4706.64
Attendance 08/10/08 was 154 and offering was $4122.61
Attendance 08/03/08 was 124 and offering was $7012.01
Attendance 07/27/08 was 129 and offering was $2463.19
Attendance 07/20/08 was 168 and offering was $3828.36
Attendance 07/13/08 was 150 and offering was $4663.00
Attendance 07/06/08 was 138 and offering was $3103.67
Attendance 06/29/08 was 121 and offering was $3155.00
Attendance 06/22/08 was 138 and offering was $5557.02
Attendance 06/15/08 was 110 and offering was $4973.00
Attendance 06/08/08 was 135 and offering was $2668.00
Attendance 06/01/08 was 136 and offering was $7428.00
Attendance 05/25/08 was 116 and offering was $1160.00
Attendance 05/18/08 was 138 and offering was $4825.35
Attendance 05/11/08 was 133 and offering was $1699.00
Attendance 05/04/08 was 180 and offering was $7937.00
Attendance 04/27/08 was 185 and offering was $4609.00
Attendance 04/20/08 was 172 and offering was $3695.56
Attendance 04/13/08 was 178 and offering was $3571.89
Attendance 04/06/08 was 190 and offering was $9273.88
Attendance 03/30/08 was 184 and offering was $3891.26
Attendance 03/23/08 was 210 and offering was $5219.00
Attendance 03/16/08 was 163 and offering was $3862.23
Attendance 03/09/08 was 140 and offering was $2694.31
Attendance 03/02/08 was 190 and offering was $7505.75
Attendance 02/24/08 was 199 and offering was $3223.10
Attendance 02/17/08 was 182 and offering was $3452.76
Attendance 02/10/08 was 205 and offering was $2702.00
Attendance 02/03/08 was 190 and offering was $7186.00
Attendance 01/28/08 was 163 and offering was $5461.50
Attendance 01/20/08 was 160 and offering was $2110.88
Attendance 01/13/08 was 206 and offering was $2229.00
Attendance 01/06/08 was 162 and offering was $4096.69
Attendance 12/30/07 was 156 and offering was $5610.70
Attendance 12/23/07 was 145 and offering was $3553.00
Attendance 12/16/07 was 132 and offering was $3213.00
Attendance 12/09/07 was 166 and offering was $3522.00
Attendance 12/02/07 was 153 and offering was $3879.00
Attendance 11/25/07 was 124 and offering was $1215.00