Saturday, June 23

Dad is with God now

He passed peacefully last night around 9:30. We were all right there at his side with mom kissing his face. Bobby never took his eyes off of her. He is in a better place; no he is in a perfect place! We have had a flood of people stopping buy before he left us and now we are waiting for the next wave. I am pretty sure that mom will not have to cook for a month! Theses people are bringing all kinds of food.

Continue to pray for mom’s comfort. I worry about her being alone. She is strong but still this is hard on her.

Sheila has been a trooper doing all my “Claude stuff” that has to get done for church. She is off to Greenville to “get it done”.
We will keep you all posted and thanks for your prayers.

Friday, June 22

day 5

Day five with DAD, It is now Friday and everyone said he wouldn’t be here with us. The nurses are baffled. This guy is not a quitter! He has been sleeping peaceful most of the week and all of the family has had a great time remembering all the stories about him. The funny ones and the good deeds he did. I worry about not being able to do things as well as he did. This guy mowed the grass every other day and it ALWAYS looked great. Well those of you that have seen my yard know that this is not my strong point! I will try my best to keep things the way he liked them. I pray that he is a peace and not in any pain. Bobby will be missed and he has left his mark on us.

Wednesday, June 20

Stress levels high

WOW what a crazy month, I am exhausted at best. I have been to Tampa 3 times in the last month & a half, I have two weekends to preach to “big Church” and my father is not doing well. He is not expected to make it through the night but no one knows for sure. It is Wednesday now and I have small group tomorrow night that I probably will not make, I haven’t been home In two days and to top it all off I have a new manager in Tampa, a major build up day at work, one holiday and another trip to Tampa before the 4th! When this is all over, I am going to bed for a week!
My prayers for my Dad are this: GIVE HIM BACK healthy or take him home now! I hate seeing him like this and it is tearing my mother to pieces.
My prayer for work is this: to have every account filled to max, no employees out of work and no store complaints over the 4th.
My prayer for my message to “big church” is: to be spirit lead, creative and engaging.
My prayer for my mother is: for her to be able to rest, she has been working hard to take care of Bobby and she is tired. She is about to lose her best friend, her helper and her husband. She needs comfort and rest really bad. This has been a long struggle for all of us but none worse than her.

So that is the big stuff that has been happening so if I disappear for a few days, you will know that I am sleeping!

Thursday, June 7

Ok, maybe just a little blog

Preach! they are gonna let me preach! I get 1/2 a message for Fathers Day and a whole message the following Sunday. I am excited to get up there again and I am shure the nerves will be getting worse as the time gets closer.

IPHONE count down! thoose who know me, know I like "techie" stuff! This thing is awsome and I GOTTA HAVE ONE! BUT I will not be buying one! nope, I will just have to do without at over $500. I will take donations for one tho! Anyone out there (jim) who wants to support my "ministry" (jim) just go right ahead (jim) after all I haven gotten a new phone in weeks!

Just a little blog to let Jim & Derek know that I will not be blogging today