Tuesday, March 20

Back to Tampa!

Yeap. We are headed back down to Tampa to avoid another Staff Meeting...did I type that?! I meant to type "we are headed back to Tampa for my job." my bad!

This time Sheila is joining me. we are going to take the T R A I N, and it will take 16 hours or more. That is a long time to sit ANYWHERE, Its going to feel like staff meeting! Dont tell Jason that I will be stuck in one place for that long or he will join us and make it a staff meeting!!!

Jim, We are not sure if we will make AWANA but I WILL bring a leader shirt to prevent you guys from breaking the rules again (2 times now...I am counting).

For those who are wondering who Jim is: he is my "blog nemesis" down in Tampa. He forces me to update this blog against my will. One day I will have the power to defeat him! But for no...I blog!

blog blog blog

Well, I know that I havent updated my blog because JIM KEEPS TELLING ME SO!!!!!!

I am doing good and running around crazy because we are moving to the Boys & Girls Club. the location alone is worth the move, the price donesnt hurt either! Turning that place into a worship enviroment is going to be a challenge but we are going to do it...and it is going to be good. Pray for this new spot to help us reach the lost, the seeking and the found for Christ.

Feel free to pray for volunteers also

oh yeah, pray for Jim...I dont know why, just pray for him.

Thursday, March 1

is it just me...or what?

1st Jason shaves his hair to be like Brittany and now he is acting like Steve Jobs from Apple...You be the judge.

sorry about the bad pictures but Jason has been a little fuzzy lately!