Thursday, November 30

All Alone For a Week!

Sheila went to Florida, her mom needed her help. She left Wednesday and will be back next Wednesday. I have the house to my self. I am planning on spending a lot of time in prayer, catching up on work and church stuff...Like my blog!

I am going to (attempt) to abstain from ALL secular media for the whole week!!! I want to spend this time, undisturbed, with God in prayer, reading, listening and seeking him. I want to see how much this meaningless junk distracts me on a daily bases. So no secular music, no TV at ALL, no magazines, no movies and (the hardest) NO INTERNET! I am only allowing myself our church website, Biblegateway and my blog. That's it!
So far its only 1/2 a day and I am already ahead of some phone calls and work that needed to be done.

I will blog about how well or how bad I am doing during this week, so stay tuned in.

Saturday, November 11

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you this!!!!

I have rached 250lbs!!! 254 to be exact! This number bothers me and I WILL lose some Weight. I am 6’4” so I don’t think I look too bad but then again I have never been known for my thinking!!!
For those of you that cannot picture 250lb’s here is some help:

This wagon will NOT hold me!

I am not allowed on this "Little Giant Ladder"

This cat cannot lift me!

But these 4 guys can!!!

This wheel cannot be used for highway use OR carry someone my size!

So now I want your help. How much do you all say I whould weigh?
here are some STARTER rules that I have applied:
less Bojangles
less sitting
more health food
more walking/moving

gimme some more rules and I will try to follow them.

It's time to go out

Well I need to go get ready for "S3". It is our Second Saturday Service that we do every...second Saturday (duh). We are washing cars, weedin yards and raking leaves. Pray that we touch people in need and open doors to minister by us doing these little things. Also pray that this "S3" spreads out over our town. That other churchs and more people get involved. I will try to get you some pictures for tonight.

The meaning of the word RETREAT

We need to get Pastor Jason a dictionary! I have come to the conclusion that he doesn’t know what “get away” and “retreat” means. The “Work Trip” was good and very productive, and I am looking forward to what God is going to do here at Discovery Church. We go most…well, some…ok, a few of the 07 messages hammered out and they will be great.
I have include some (phone) pictures of the surrounding area where we were.

This is Waller Mill Park in Williamsburg Va.

If I wasnt a MAN, I might say this place was "pretty" but I am a MAN so I will not!

We were kinda expecting Jason (from the friday 13th movies) to jump out of the water at any time!

Notice that Jason is staying away from the rail. The waters were infested with Snakehead Fish and he was SCARED!

Wednesday, November 8

Been TOOOOO long

Sorry, I will try harder to blog more

We are actualy on a pastors "retreat" in Va. While it is pretty here with all the leafs changing, I am ready to come home!

We are planning the messages for 07 and are almost there. All I am at liberty to tell you is: YOU DONT WANT TO MISS CHURCH ANY IN 07!!!!!