Monday, September 28

Weekend breakdown

Wow what a great weekend! We had a blast helping Ignite church with their practice service on Friday night. They are a new church plant here in Greenville. It looked like they had over 100 people attend. It was an honor to be a part of it. They will do well.

For a gloomy weekend it really did turn out well. Discovery set-up went great with a ton of people showing up to bust it out in record time. I enjoyed setting up the sound “my way”. I like to be able to take my time and run the cables a little neater than normal. I had the youngest sound techs ever helping me out (Sarah (5)and Chandler (8)Ebeling). They worked hard and I almost couldn’t keep up with them asking “what next”. At one point I had to stop what I was doing just to keep them with task. They were awesome!

Then Sunday morning was a typical mayhem with Satan trying everything he could to disrupt me. Sorry to disappoint him but we still had a great time in Children's church. We are learning about Esther and Mordecai. We even found a few assassins among the kids. (read about it yourself, it's only 5 chapters)

Closing tear-down went great too. Our tear-down crew is awesome, and faithful. By the time I make it in there they are storing stuff away. Cable winders and curtain folders doing their part to advance the gospel: I love you guys and gals!

Then a great night at youth to close out the weekend. We had 27 teens and 5 leaders. No concussions but we tried. Will and Sasha brought the message and the games and did great. I think the teens had some fun and we even had a guest. Thanks Nick for coming out!

So now we start working on next week which is going to be even better than this weekend!

Did I mention that I LOVE MY WORK?

Pray for Ignite (new church), a friend (mike) who had his car flooded by water this weekend and for this coming up week at DC, that people will connect with God.

Wednesday, September 23

October is gonna be more like "ROCtober"

Mom's birth day and some great conferences we are attending.
Pray for the Hulk (our van) making it's first long distance drive


Last week vs this week

Last week I go everything done early and that turned out to be a major blessing since Mr Rogaine crashed his computer and I had to spend Saturday replacing the hard drive. Saturday is the day I Finnish everything that I have been putting off all week! This week though, I am already 2 days behind. I do have the thought process down for this Sunday but it isn't done until I get it all on paper and printed. Still have today and as soon as I am done procrastinating, I am going to get another cup of coffee and start on it! Really, I am!

Date night was great, good movie, great dinner and even better was the lady at my side! I think we will do this again! Though we may spend a little more money next time.

I love my kids and my teens! They make my job amazing. I sure hope I show them.

Can't wait for the Jonah series, anyone have a john boat I can barrow?

Friday, September 18

Project day

My mom wanted a sofa table and made one a few years back so I thought I would make her one. This is about 4 hours worth of work and I still have a little more to do.

I will finnish up in the am and then take a huge nap for set-up and ufc fights.

Wednesday, September 16

Worship Music

Ok, I am at band practice (no I don't play) and I have to tell you, they sound great! It is so easy to worship during practice. Being in with the children every week, I rarely get to experience worship with the congregation and I miss that. So being here over the last few weeks has given me a chance to experience a part of what you guys get each week.
I have been doing Children's church for close to 15 years and most of that time it has been at single service churches, which means that I don't get to go to "big church". That's right, it has been 15 years since I have been in church! I love being at Discovery because Pastor Jason includes us in the sermon planning so I know what is going on and what is being preached. Other than that, I have to download our sermons and a few other sermons and listen to them. So I do "get my church on" just not the same way you may be used to.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what you have in store for this week at Discovery Church! I can't wait for what you are going to experience!

Monday, September 14

I'm meatatarian

I have no problem with vegetarians at all but I do have a question:
If they can have veggie-burgers and veggie-dogs, where is our meat-corn and meat-broccoli?
Why would they even want soy and veggies molded in the shape of our meat? I don't get it.

I will make a deal with ya, if you will not make veggies act like meat, I will not make meat act like veggies.

Flame on.

It's monday

It was a great weekend and the service's went well. Big Church talked about Sex! Little Church talked about friendship and we ended the evening with the Lord's Supper. I am guessing we had over 100 people there and our teens almost filled up 3 tables! I love the separated coming together for the Lord's supper. It is an effort as opposed to à la carte at the end of a service where the experience somehow feels weakened. When our PARTners left the house last night, they knew what and where they were going and they made a decision to attend and participate. I feel this is one more way we answer Jesus prayer for us to be united as one, like Him and the Father are one. Look at what Paul tells us here: 1 Corinthians 10:16 Is not the cup of thanksgiving for which we give thanks a participation in the blood of Christ? And is not the bread that we break a participation in the body of Christ? 17 Because there is one loaf, we, who are many, are one body, for we all partake of the one loaf. God moved during our meal, our remembrance of Him and what He did for us and through the worship music afterward.

So that was great and now I am on to a new week and about to have "a date" with God and then plan the already too busy week: plan ahead for Children and Youth, a trip to New Bern to see Nicholas Sparks (just kidding Val, that was for you!) really to see my mom and uncle who has been in the hospital, accountability and staff meeting, dinner with friends, presentation for the Boys & Girls club, visit the DMV (pray for that one!), band practice, Plan for Sunday, Set-up and UFC fights Saturday night then onto another awesome worship service at Discovery Church. See, I told you it was busy! But in a good way.

I love my God, my Wife, my church and my work. What else could I ask for?

3 minutes till my date, I have to go now!

Tuesday, September 8

Ok so we are two days into the week and I am somehow 3 days behind!

I don't know how this keeps happening. Well I sorta know. We took the youth to a lake and the mall on Monday since they had the day off school. It was way cool and I think everyone had a great time. There were about 10 of us.

In other news, we are down to one vehicle. Our Van gave up the ghost when Sheila bumped into the car in front of her. The front license plate was bent pretty bad and at $3.00 to replace it, we considered the van a total lose. Seriously the damage wasn't that bad but towing, 2 replacement air bags and the new front end would be way more than the 200,000 plus mile van was worth. So we are down to our truck that has no third gear. Hey second is way underused anyway! I will fix it in a week or so.

Church has been real good. I am loving working with the kids and teens more and more these days. I want to be able to do so much more in both ministries, if only we had the funds and the time/help. Please pray for these things for Discovery.

I have neglected my blog (but hey, so has everyone else!) because of Facebook and work but I am trying! We use facebook now as a main connection hub for our youth. They all seem to get it. I am also trying to figure out this whole twitter thing. I hate all this stuff but I guess I don't want to find myself being the last one on the bus again.

Well that is about all for now, thanks for checking in and reading by rants. I love you all and pray for most of you :)