Friday, October 15

How to be unemployed:

Jobless not worthless

One of the major effects of being jobless is the feeling of lack of worth, at least for men it is. We feel responsible to provide for our household and when the lose of a job occurs this is ripped from us. Add to that the constant rejections from companies not hiring us for whatever reason and you have the making for a crushed man.
The rise of unemployment lately and personally knowing a lot of people out of work got me thinking. The Bible has a lot to say about not working. But not a lot to say about getting work. Which leads me to: maybe the work we are encouraged to do, in the Bible, isn't always our paid job? Maybe it's our home responsibilities or even serving each other?
We tend to get our feeling of "worth" from our jobs and I don't think it should be that way. I think we should feel worthy for doing any job (task) well. But I also don't think sitting at home, on your butt, 4 days a week desiring a job is acceptable either. We need to be doing something. Anything but sitting and sulking. You need to feel worth, so you need to do something and a lack of a job isn't a reason to do nothing but an opportunity to do MORE.
So here is my suggestion: even without a job, make an effort to pull a 40 hour week. This way, when you get a job, you will be used to working the hours, you will feel worth, you will be helping others and you will be a contributor to the community. How? I'm glad you asked! I will give you a sample schedule:

7:00am-9:00am (up and dressed! If you look good, you feel good) browse for local job listings. This includes the newspaper, craigslist and local webpages. It helps to make a list of things you actually want to do. But be willing to do anything.
9:00am-10:00am call some of the listings you found. Do not apply over the phone, simple ask them if they are taking applications. (always go in to apply in person). Map out the jobs taking applicants.
10:00am-10:30 take a break, eat a snack, check your hair and praying is never a bad idea.
10:30am-@12:00pm go out and retrieve applications. I would personally never fill one out on location unless they provide for it (kiosk).
12:00pm1:30pm lunch! Why so long? Because job hunting is tough! And you deserve a little break. Plus people are at lunch themselves so they will not be there to give you an application anyway.
1:30pm-3:00pm take your time and fill out application. Be honest, you will feel better about yourself. Never try to make yourself sound good. Your past "should" do that, if not you need to change your future! When you get a job: be valuable! It looks good on future application (be very valuable and you may not need future application!).
3:00pm-5:00pm return applications. Don't press them to talk to you. If you must ask question, ask ones that show curiosity about the company not ones that could pertain to your employment with them. Ask about the company history, vision or purpose. Stuff like that shows interest in them.
Day one is done! Notice I filled up the entire day, no house work or personal stuff because you can't do that stuff in your "work" day so why get used to it now? Do that stuff in your off time just like before you lost your job.

Tuesday is a repeat of Monday. All of it! This is the tough day because most new listings hit on Mondays. The only difference i would suggest is stop into s few places that did NOT put out ads and simply ask them if they are taking applications! Be an early adapter!

7:00am-9:00am look at all of the applications you turned in, you should have a list. On a notepad, on a separate page per company, write down: why you want to work there, why you would be valuable to them, what you think you could offer them (bring to the table) and any other thoughts for that particular job. Remember, jobs are not out there for your needs but the needs of the company's customers. Do not go in there to find out what they can do for you! Pay and benefits will be offered if they hire you, don't push for this info.
9:00am-12:00pm stop into the companies you applied to and inquire that they still have your application and when you could expect to hear back from them. Politeness here is a must, tell them your name, give them a card (business cards are cheap) and ask them their name. Then thank them and leave! Don't push.
12:00pm-1:30pm lunch!
1:30pm-3:00pm here's where we break the mold! Things get uncomfortable and your life really takes a change! Look for non-profits and charity in your local area to serve as a volunteer for Thursday and Friday! For free! For 8 hours a day! Places like soup kitchens and habitats for humanity. Make a list. Be creative in your hunt.
3:00pm-5:00pm call a few of them and find one that will let you work both Tuesday and Friday.
Thursday and Friday 8 hours each)
Go into the charity and bust your butt! Work for them as if you were working for the Lord (because you are). Make yourself one of the most valuable people there for those two days. Trust me, hard work is more rewarding than being a slacker any day.

I know this last part is crazy but at the end of the week I assure you that you will feel your worth! Like you made a difference in the world. Plus when you do get a job interview, how impressive is it going to be to them that you haven't been sitting at home on your tush watching the Price Is Right and sulking in your jobless misery. You will feel great about yourself and when you feel great, it shows. People want to be around happy people. In the end you will have not only made a difference in you community but you will have also changed your mentality and habits.

Or you can just spend the week sitting around being on your lazy butt hoping thAt the perfect high paying job will fall into your lap.

By the way, you don't find high paying jobs, you work regular paying jobs so well that they become high paying jobs! Take any job and do it great and you will move up.

Realistically When you get an interview you may be scheduled to work on your volunteer job. Do not be afraid to tell the potential job that you have a previous obligation. Tell them what it is and that you would rather not let them down. Ask them if the timing could jeopardize your possible employment with them. If they say that it will not, you can reschedule and you just earned their respect as a man who honors your word. When you do get that job, you are ahead of the game with moral seniority. If time does limit your chance of getting a job with them, ask them if you can call them right back, get a direct number name, then call the volunteer job and ask them if they could do without you for a few hours. Your word is your honor. Always protect that.

Don't ask me why this is on my mind, it just is. And yes I do know a jobless man right now who is doing volunteer work!

Thanks for reading my rant.


Joey said...

:) Well better than sitting there and not getting anything constructive done. Gives you a chance to rely on God's Grace and watch while the miracles open the doors for you. The thing is you have to go to the doors to see them open. Usually can't see them from the couch....

Kim said...

WOW...lots of thought on that blog post. Glad to have you back. Times are tough with finding jobs and keeping them, but there is hope!! BTW love the part about non-profits and volunteering. I volunteered at the RMH folding towels while I was in "job transition" and kept contacts that led to me moving up into the job today.

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

Thanks guys, it's good to know I still have a few followers even tho I don't update much.

Meagan said...

Thanks Mr. Claude... I needed that.

Your awesome.

Gentzlers said...

so, am I slow? Does this mean that you are out of work right now?

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

No Kathy, Jason hasn't fired me yet (tho I don't know why not!)! Jobless people on my heart, thats all.