Thursday, September 9


I haven't always been blessed with great cars but God has given me some junk ones that taught me how to work on cars. Since we lost the van about a year ago, we have been down to nothing but our 89 GMC truck (which is awesome) that clocks in at about 10 miles per gallon! So traveling is a problem. We have to rent to go any real distance. This brings me to a call a few months back from Aron Rice with a car problem. His 2000 Toyota was knocking...bad! He got to my yard for me to inform him of the necessity of OIL! It was bone dry due to a leak and burning it. So the engine was wasted. After some research he decided that the car wasn’t worth fixing and didn’t meet his families needs. So he gave us the blown up car FREE. Well I proceeded to take it apart and start to rebuild the engine. So far it is looking good and I should have it done THIS week. So Lord willing, we will have a car that is good on gas and runs well so we can travel over 100 miles.

Thanks to a few teens who came over to help so they could learn about cars. So Thanks Alexis, Devin, Kyle and Isaiah for wrenching on my car. YOu all get to be the first to take a ride in it (after Sheila)!

So a free car and a few hundred dollars should equal a decent car and an amazing blessing! Thanks Aron!

Long block on stand
All new parts!

Bolting up the transaxle

Setting the drive train into the car. All thats left is hooking up all the wires & hoses.

An no Im not gonna apologize for not blogging more!

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Valerie said...

Fred's truck died on him back in May. The dealer said it needed a new engine at $3500. So his brother Tom said he would look at it. $1000 later it's running again and Fred is thrilled! It even has a new name: Barney.... yeah, his new girlfriend....