Thursday, July 17

Teens to Kings

Dominion that is.
Tuesday we took a little road trip with the youth group to Kings Dominion in Va. I am not a theme park kinda guy but everyone else was. We had a convoy of 2 vans, and suv and a car all full of teens and a few wanna-be grown ups.

We had a blast! That place has a ton of rides (all of which I avoided). Sheila got on her first roller coster in several years and she became a kid again. Here are a few shots of the park:

We made it in a one day trip, next time I say we stay overnight in a local church or hotel. Thanks to all the drivers and to the Hansons who loaned us a van that has AC!!!!


Brad Christian said...

Good move on the hotel for next year... it is a large day trip! I want to come next time!

Kim said...

Yep! We had the best time--wish it could have been longer. I think I was with Sheila on becoming a kid again! Thanks for coming--even though it wasn't your "thing". The $24 cheeseburger was worth it huh?