Thursday, July 24

Down here in the Sunshine state

We are getting wet allot! I don't get it. It rains every day! Anyhow, We spent Wednesday riding around seeing our Brandon Fl. Friends. We stopped by our old church (Kings Avenue) to say hello to them. Most of the staff was at a ball game so we missed them (or did they miss us?). Then we started house jumping. We didn't get to everyone (sorry, we do miss you) but we saw about 3 families from "back home". Sheila and I got to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and it was good. While it is nice to be back down here, It is defiantly NOT home. I miss my small group, my animals and especially my BED.

We will see you guys at set-up on Saturday night!


The Nassars said...

hey! you didn't stop by to see me!! Granted, I'm in tx, but what's a little drive for an old friend!

Jason Ebeling said...

Hmmm, did you go to JoTo's?

Kim said...

If it makes you feel better it has been raining at "home". Have fun and safe travels back!

Dean and Mary said...

Uhhhh... was that Cheddars? I'm glad you got to come visit. Sorry I missed you guys. I hope you have a safe trip back. We love you both.
Dean and Mary