Saturday, July 19

Set-up ROCKED tonight!

We had over 20 people at it. You guys really stepped up and made set-up a blast. We were pretty much done in under one and a half hours.
For the non Discovery Church readers out there: We are a portable church meeting at the local Boys & Girls club. Weekly we transform that place into a church. We meet at 6:00 pm and set up a ton of stuff (over 18 carts of stuff) and are usually there setting up till way after 9:00. But tonight we were pretty much done by 7:30!

Thanks to everyone who helped and forgive us for not being more organized. We are not used to that many people. I dream of the day when we have shifts doing it and the pastors don't even have to be there. We are getting close to that point but we still need a little more help.

Here is a stop motion of one of our main area set-ups


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