Monday, July 14

The youth lock in!

ok, we may have had the most fun on the planet at this weekends lock in. We invited Wilson Communities youth to join us for a sleepover and a trip to green springs.

At the lock in we started with some pizza and free time. The most awesome band interrupted the free time for some crazy good music. Then we had a guest speaker come and challenge us to live a little more for God and a little less for ourselves. After all that came the gross stuff, a six foot wheel of dare that had the teens licking, cramming and eating everything imaginable. Turns out Ella likes her feet licked (don't ask)!! Next was an interesting bobbing event that I cannot and should not mention on this blog. Then a game of marker freeze tag where we had white tee shirts and 4 teams with different colored markers. We played different games until about 2am! After BED TIME Wilson Community proceeded to beat the tar out of each other until about 3am (this was great entertainment for Discovery teens!)

The next day was a trip to Green Springs swimming hole. Where most of the Wilson crew launched off of the fifth level (about 45' off the water). While they were great at jumping, their swinging skills could use some refining.

At noon we fired up the grill and cooked hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone out there. We counted about 40 people that were NOT with us that we feed.

I think I can speak for all the teens and adults in saying... WE HAD A BLAST!!! Can't wait for next year.

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