Sunday, July 13


Thirty four days without the world wide web. I will admit that the last few days have been so busy that my Bible reading is down, I still got into it every day but not nearly enough. I am left hungry. Have you ever went too long without food then bedtime comes and you just go to bed without eatting. Well thats how I felt Friday and Saturday.

We had a youth lock in (pictures coming) and we had so much stuff to do, I didn't get enough vitamin G (G=God). I got some, just not enough. I don't like being under nourished. It's time to visit the buffet.

For those who don't know, I feel I should continue my fast for (at least) 40 days. The number 40 seems to work pretty well in the Bible so who am I to oppose. So Pray for me because I W A N T M O R E of God, I want more of His word, I want more of His nourishment. I got some... But I W A N T M O R E. And thats a gluttony I am ok with.

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