Wednesday, July 16

I think I can, I think I can

Our van has seen better days but is still going. As you can see below we recently hit the 190,000 mile mark. I am encouraged by a friend who has squeezed 300,00 out of a truck. And I trust that God will keep us from a car payment.

We have been SO blessed with this van, it is a trooper and we have had very little (major) problems with it. Oh yeah we have had a ton of little stuff go wrong but nothing that sent us walking down the interstate! We have never had to be towed and this baby always gets us home.

here is a list of the little things that we fight even today:
Hubcaps: my rims chunk them off as soon as they can. They like to be seen in the buff! Too often I have seen my hubcaps pass me on the road only to leave my lug-nuts exposed!

Door locks: and unlocks and locks and unlocks all by themselves... never ever leave the keys in the car unless the windows are down.

AC: yeah bout that, it's 260, 2 windows down at 60 mph and pray that it doesn't rain on a hot day!!!

Pop out rear windows: the laches are being replaced by tie straps cause... they keep breaking and at $60 a piece vs $0.04 for a tie strap: the teens in the back will get over it (until we reach 60 mph!)

Engine mount: still cost to much to replace and I like the "clunk" when we take off.

Windshield washer: it shoots off to the side, about 10' to the side, it's a great weapon so DON'T pull up on my left with your window down cause I'm gonna spray you!

Window tint: more like "window blinds" because its rolling up. I don't get it, you can see through widow tint but not the glue when you remove the tint! Ah visibility is way overrated.

Trailer hitch: lost key and it sticks out about 18". I now have really tough shins, and so does Sheila!

I see us driving this van to the ground and finally seeing it's dead body hauled away to be parted and scrapped, But not for many more years, God willing.

P.S. I am going to tampa next week and plan on hitting a scrap yard for a few parts so wish me happy hunting :)

Just say no to interest! Just say no to car payments!


Council Family said...

I am proud of you.

It is rare in this culture to find people willing not to upgrade cars like shoes. I personally believe God is honoring your commitment.....or just having fun seeing how far you go with it. Remember Job....your van might be in a bet with God and satan.


The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

Oh NO, I just noticed... I'm on empty!!!

Kim said...

Way to go on keeping it going! You can do service to those around you by offering to "wash" their windows.