Tuesday, July 8

www.29 days.com (stop going there, it's not a site)

So I am still rolling with this net fast. 29 days and I am loving it. I feel guilty about it because I should be "hungry" or have some great feeling of sacrifice. But I don't, I have spent time with God and that has been fulfilling for me. Sure I miss my sites and the power of a good google search but I am not at all miserable.

I think that we are kinda like a jar or container that holds a certain amount. We chose to fill ourselves with junk. When we remove that junk, it is important to fill that new found space with something good. Jesus tells the story of the demon driven out and the house left empty, then 7 more demons came into it. We need to be full but of what? certainly not demons or sin or wasteful junk but of God and his word.

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