Monday, July 7

Daily alarm

A week or so ago I set a 12:00 pm alarm to go off on my cell phone. When it goes off (everyday) I use it as a reminder of God, that He loves me, He sent Jesus and Jesus died for me.
Does this sound silly? weak? Well I to often forget God and His love for me. I get caught up in my own world and need an alarm to sound because when I take control, I mess up!

Well today at 11:30 I got a little to much Claude going on and got upset. When I felt my phone buzz, I knew what it was... My alarm. reaching for it I had every intention of "dismissing" it. When I was about to push the button I thought about what the alarm was for and hit "snooze for 5 minutes" instead. I thought about God and how he felt about my anger. I thought about Jesus on the cross for sins like my selfishness. It took 3 more snoozes to calm me down but on each one, I fell a little more in love with God and a little less in love with me (after all, I'm not that great)

So set an alarm or get some kind of reminder that you should never forget what our creator did/does for us!!!


The Nassars said...

that's not a bad idea...

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

Thanks Val, but its not an original thought. There is a church doing a 60 minute thing where they turn on the hour beep on their watches. I dont wear a watch but could start,just for this :)