Thursday, July 3

www.24 (still not a link)

Today will be 24 days of my net fast. Other than a few seconds to accept a facebook person I haven't done anything on the world wide web. Remember: I am allowed to blog, read your blogs, email and chat. My fast is to avoid "browsing" and to use that new found time to reflect on God, Jesus and His word. I am lovin' it. I will admit to being a little out of the loop, here let me explain: I don't know what's new in the tech world, I don't know what's up with the iPhone 2, I don't know what my favorite Ebay sellers are selling, I have no idea what up for sale on craigslist in our area (or any area for that matter), I have not idea why people are talking about Charlie being bit on youtube and I don't know what all those links are in your group emails to me.

I do know a little more about God through His word. I do think about him a ton more than I used to. I have been praying a lot (not longer but more often). I know that I am not burning to spend money on some new "must have" tech toy or car part. You all following me on youversion see that I am in 1 peter, well at the beginning of this fast I started in Acts! I don't think I have missed a day of reading yet. I crave it. I pray this desire NEVER stops but GROWS.

I AM NOT boasting in myself but the POWER of GOD to sustain me. I am nothing without Him. God is enough! I pray He stays that way with me and gets that way for you!

I will end this now because you guys don't comment on LONG blogs and I need your comments!

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