Sunday, July 20

Off to Florida

We are heading out in a few minutes to meet up with Davey and Janelle. In the morning we are leading a 3 car convoy to Tampa, the Kolks new home. Now I don't know how these little towners are going to do in big ol Tampa but I made it ok. Remember, I am from New Bern. For all my Florida peeps, look in on them. I really don't know if we should pray for the Kolks or pray for Tampa!!!

Hey Davey, get ready for 6 lanes of traffic on your side of the road!!!

We will blog from Tampa... maybe :)

BTW, 300 post as of this one, I can believe I wasted my 300th on DAVEY!!!!!!!!!!


Brad Christian said...

Stay Safe! Get Davey settled in and get back asap!

The Nassars said...

Where are they moving to? Near USF?

The 67 Mustang Convertible said...

yeah they moved into some of the usf apartments