Friday, June 20

Day 11 with no internet!

Still going, but getting harder. The habit of sitting down in my chair and bringing up some tech news or checking my email for fun or funny sites is getting to me. Valerie and Jason both hit me with a must see web linked email... And they almost got me! But I didn’t cave. Instead I broke my “inbox zero” rule and save them both for when I get done with my fast.
What is God teaching me?
Simply that HE is enough! Yeap, God is enough, all I need.

When I go to Zazbys to get their chicken strips, I have to have their sauce. Why? Because their chicken isn’t enough! It needs more! It’s the same with the chicken biscuit at BoJ’s, I need ketchup on it or it will be so dry that it could suck the moister right out of my body (forcing me to down more of their sweet tea)! A lot of things in life are like this. The lcd hi-def tv is great...would you like to get some hi-def cables with that? How about an extended warrantee (for the product that the salesman just told you was the best on the market!). And a lot of us feel the same about God. “If only I could see a miracle” or “if God would just heal this one person”. Let me tell you something: God is enough and he has done enough. What he did on the cross was ENOUGH!

Nothing else needed! If stepping down from the throne, leaving Heaven, leaving all his riches and glory, coming to earth. walking among a people that hate, doubt and disobey him, healing their sick, raising their dead, feeding them, teaching them, walking on water, controlling the winds, taking a beating, dying for them and lastly, coming back from the grave for them isn’t enough, there will NEVER BE ENOUGH!

So ask yourself: “is God enough for me? Do I expect things from Him?” Maybe we can do a little less expecting and a little more accepting?

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The Nassars said...

you know, the second I pushed "send" I realized I had sent it to you and shouldn't. Sorry to tempt you, but you did good!!