Saturday, June 28

Never more proud!!!

In light of my post about "the church", To day I have never felt better about where I serve and worship. Our new worship pastor recently moved into a house and lately it has been pushing him around a bit. It seems like so many thinks are going wrong all at the same time. Well his ice-maker turned into a water sprinkler and soaked the whole living room. There was a poor attempt at a pergo floor install that warped from the water. Well here comes the cool: Some money was given from our PARTners to put in a new floor for them. Today a bunch of people from the church went over there a busted out a fresh (dry) new floor for them and all before Ella's one year birthday.

This whole event really reminded me of the way churches were in Acts. Were people gave to anyone in need. This was awesome to be a part of and to all of those who came out and helped: Thank You! And I am sure that Randy Thanks you!!!

This is, after all, what it is all about. Putting off of yourself for the sake of others. Thats what Christ did and today, thats what Discovery Church did!!!

We had too many people in the house so some us us hit the yard work while we were there. Look Ma we can walk under the trees now!!!

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Clippergirl56 said...

I,too, am proud of what our church members did to help Randy and Laci. I really feel that our church Knows what service is about and we all do it gladly when a fellow member needs help. Let's continue do it a big way in our community.