Wednesday, June 4

ouch, it hurts!

Ok, I am with Randy at a church plant conference in Raleigh N.C.. The first session was good and challenged me to look at Jesus, the church and even myself as Prophet, Priest and King. Jesus is all three and we also are though Christ Jesus.

As a Prophet, bring God’s word to the people
As a Priest: Bring the people to God
As a King: be an executive and judicial Power of God to the people

But the second half lost me! Sorry! Theses guys used huge words allot. Being simple like I am, they went WAY OVER me attention span. I cannot speak for Randy but the look on his face makes me thing he is in the same boat.


Brad Christian said...

I knew I should have been there so I could have interpreted!

surebeatsworkin' said...

Funny...I feel the same way about just being a simple guy. Today I finished a course on business writing in Raleigh and I just learned that "snuck" is not a word. Apparently I have been wrong for 40 years.

Davey Kolk said...

i'm just ready for the free food.

Jim Bird said...

Maybe they were speaking in tongues without an interpreter!

Randy Strickland said...

Your blog is boring me.