Saturday, June 14


(Second Saturday Service) is our gift to the community, is a time once a month that as a church we go out to the streets to Bless people by simple acts of kindness.

Today we went out to do a “one dollar car wash” where when we got done washing the cars, we gave THEM a dollar! Man, I love this one! The look of surprise on their faces is priceless (well $1 at least :). We washed a decent amount of cars with very little down time (just enough to wash our own cars for effect).

We got one lady who was driving around to find a cheap fast wash because she was getting married later that day... She found it! We got a chance to pray for her ceremony and her new marriage. Wow what a great time!

Another guy, thinking he had to pay, demanded that it be two dollar. So when we got done... We gave him two dollars!!! He was floored.

We even got to was a decked our Envoy that was headed to be in a car show!!! Him and his son were speechless and it turns out they run their custom car shop non-profit to help needy families in Wilson N.C. And the best for last:

Another guy and lady came up (nice car) and told us they would do it for two dollars, after we gave them their two dollars and politely turned down their donation offer, the guy got out of his car and sang an acappella song right there on the street!!! He was really good AND really brave! So we got some blessings back at us.

Here is a funny one: A guy coming out of the Sam’s Club turned our way. When he saw us out there he stopped his car, backed up and went the other way. That was a trip. He was probably thinking we were going to push our mission trip needs on him or that we were some kind of charity looking for yet another hand out. Well too bad for him. So if anyone saw us out at the Advanced Auto Saturday 14th then you should have pulled in for a wash and a dollar. Oh well, catch us next time (or come by my house, I will still wash your car!)

So that was our day and it was/is great! God is good, He is in control and we love Him!
Thanks for all who turned our on Fathers-day weekend to do a little God work!

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Do you make house calls?