Wednesday, June 25

What's the best thing in your town for teens to do?

We are in the Greenville N.C. area and we have... the movies and... well that's about it.
And unless you are rich, you are not doing THAT too much!
So I need Ideas. I am asking my 3 blog readers to throw out some "teen to do's" that can keep them busy and give them some clean fun.

So my nephew Lee is in town with me for about a week. I figured after a day or so he would be bored so I suggested taking him to a movie. Just the two of us. That day a teen (not to mention any names that start with S and ends in N) text me saying she was bored. So I told her to round up a few of the youth group to go with Lee and I. Next thing I know we had about 15 people. Then the cool happened. Someone wanted to see The Love Guru and I asked a few of them what they though. One of them said she didn't think it would be a very "clean" movie and said she would look it up. She Googled it and told me that we were NOT going to see THAT movie. This was awesome! If you are reading this, Thank you and you made me very proud. It turns out that NONE of the movies that were not a cartoon was appropriate. This same teen suggested that they come over to MY house and watch a movie that we already had. So thats what happened. A bunch of kids, a small room, a movie and a few body functions set the scene. We had a blast.

About 10 minutes after they all left, I started getting text about how fun it was and that we should do it again. So I am working up the nerve to ask Sheila (my wonderful, lovely, hospitable wife {who reads my blog}) if she would be up for a weekly movie night through summer. I was thinking of watching all of the star wars movies in order.

So that was my Tuesday evening!


Unknown said...

I will try to think of some ideas but if you guys want to switch up places sometimes to watch the movies, I am sure I can convince Amy to let you guys use our house also. Our living room is big enough to handle that.

Wish I could have been there last night, but I had already promised I would go to Trivia by the time Shannon called. So I couldn't break my promise. Next time w/ more warning, I will be there!


Anonymous said...

Hi Claude, it's Jennie, Lee's Mom. It sounds like you had a great time! I'm hoping that you will have Lee call me today since he doesn't seem to be answering his phone.

The Nassars said...

find a ping pong table and have a competition, game night (Andy plays monopoly at his friends all the time) do you have a pottery place around you? you know, a place that you go and paint a piece of pottery.
you guys don't have the new Indiana Jones movie? That should be ok...

surebeatsworkin' said...

There's always paintball. The beach. Goose Creek State Park. ECU has a cool student life center w/ a pool and rock climbing wall (not sure how to get in). I think ECU has a ropes course as well. Canoeing at River Park North. There a mountain bike course out on 43 North. Did I mention paintball?

Anonymous said...

I could be a back-up house for a night one week if you couldn't do it at yours. Just let me know! Would be any night but Wednesday night.
christina k

Kim said...

Lots of ideas we could have...Maybe get together and help out somewhere. Do a service project that is fun? I am sure if we all put our heads together we could come up with some stuff. Our house is open too!